How to Fix Club Car Forward Reverse Switch Problems?

Are you bothered by Club Car forward reverse switch problems?  Most Club Car golf carts are decent in performance. But, they can have various issues that may crop up from time to time.

However, overheating is the most common issue with the club car’s forward reverse switch. Furthermore, many problems, like a loose connection or broken contacts, are also acute. In most cases, a faulty FR switch only leads the cart to move in reverse, not forward. 

Nonetheless, every problem has solutions. Following our troubleshooting guide, you can fix the forward reverse switch problems in your club cart. Furthermore, we will also cover the symptoms and causes of the issues. 

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How To Fix Club Car Forward Reverse Switch Problems

What Are The Symptoms Of Club Car Forward Reverse Switch Problems? 

Luckily, quite a few symptoms tell you there are problems with the Club Car forward reverse switch.

However, one of the most prominent ones is that the golf cart will move forward even if the switch is in a neutral position. 

Nonetheless, below are the other symptoms you will notice if the F/A switch on your club cart is bad. 

  • You will not get the expected speed even though the cart moves forward.
  • The paddle of the cart won’t work correctly.
  • Yow will hear a buzzer sound when you press the paddle.
  • In most cases, you may notice a burning smell from the inside part of the switch if the connector is burnt.
  • In addition, you will notice wear and tear on the FR switch. 

What Causes Club Car Forward Reverse Switch Problems? 

The Club Car forward reverse switch problem can occur for several reasons. First, however, knowing the actual causes will give you a lot of ease in fixing the issues. 

Excessive Heat

Yes, excessive heat can often cause problems with the forward-reverse or direction switch of your club cart.

In this case, the best chance is that the connector of the reverse forward switch may get burned, melt, or damaged due to overheating.

Therefore, if this happens, you won’t be able to operate the F/R switch of your club cart properly.

But, now, if you ask about the reason for this overheating, the broken contact or bad contact studs in the switch can be an issue.

Furthermore, internal resistance inside the connector cables can cause the cables to keep melting. 

Damaged Controller

The electronic speed controller plays a decent role and handles your golf cart’s forward and reverse switches.

But, if the controller gets damaged, it is evident that the forward receive switch won’t function properly.

Battery Failure

Battery failure can also malfunction the reverse forward switch of your club cart. If the controller can’t find enough electrical power from the battery, there’s no way it can handle the direction switch of the cart. 

Loose Power Cable Connection

When you drive your club cart for a long time in the toughest of areas, the power cables of the direction switch can be loosened. 

Unfortunately, if this happens, you will start noticing the issue with the direction switch.

How To Fix Club Car Forward Reverse Switch Problems?

After understanding the symptoms and causes of a club car direction switch problem, the next step would be to fix it. But, do remember one important thing. 

You should not approach to replace the switch in the very beginning. Instead, you should try to check some of the additional issues that might affect the reverse forward switch.

How to Troubleshoot the Club Car Forward Reverse Switch?

First, check the reverse forward switch to see whether it has become faulty. You can start by checking the loose connection of the power cable. Make sure all the parts are getting power through the cables.

Don’t forget to check the solenoid, ignition wire, and multimeter voltage power cables. 

In addition, if you find problems with these components, you need to repair or replace them first. 

However, if you can’t find any additional issues, the forward reverse switch can be damaged.

Once you are sure you have a faulty reverse forward switch, you need to replace or repair it as soon as possible. Nonetheless, the symptoms often indicate the faulty switch as well.

Method 1: Repair the Forward Reverse Switch

Before taking your car to a professional or performing the task of replacing the direction switch, try a straightforward thing. But what is it? It is to repair the reverse forward switch.

However, this method can be effective in some cases if your car can’t go in reverse. 

Step 1: Pull Out the Forward Reverse Switch

You need to first pull out the forward reverse switch from the cart with the help of the screwdriver. 

Step 2: Take the Switch Out of the Housing

The next thing that you should do is to take the switch out of the housing by pushing the tabs with your fingers.  Now, take apart the two-piece switch using the head of the screwdriver. 

Step 3: Clean the Switch’s Contacts

Here, you have to remove the switch’s contacts and attempt to clean them if there is rust.

Step 4: Insert the Switch Again

Insert the switch to the housing first and then to your club cart. Doing so, you might get rid of the problems of direction switching. But, if it does not work, you must replace the reverse forward switch. 

Method 2: Replace the Forward Reverse Switch

Well, replacing the direction switch of your club cart can be super easy if you follow the proper procedure. 

Step 1:  Disconnect the Battery

First, you need to disconnect the battery to avoid additional risk. In addition, when you remove the battery, don’t forget to take a picture of the cables connected to the battery. 

This helps you determine which cable attaches to which part while installing a new direction switch.

Step 2: Unscrew the Mounting Bolts That Hold the Body With the F/R Switch

For this, you need to have a Phillips screwdriver. Make sure you pull out all the screws carefully and then use your hand to remove the plastic body over the FR switch from the cart.

Step 3: Disconnect the Big Power Wires Carefully

Make sure you do this task properly. Furthermore, don’t forget to write down or capture a photo of the wires so that you don’t face trouble while installing a new F/R switch.

Step 4: Take a New Switch and Connect It With the Power Wires

You must take a new switch and connect it with the switch compartment. Furthermore, don’t forget to hook the power wires to the switch. Once you have done this, it’s time to attach the switch to the body of your golf cart.

Step 5: Attach the Big Power and Small Cables

Once you are done attaching the switch to the body, you need to insert the big power connector cables to the switch. Besides, make sure you tighten up the screw of the cables properly.

Step 6: Attach Shift Handle

Here, you need to attach the shift handle using a screwdriver. Tighten up the handle of the shift carefully. After that, the last step is to reconnect the connector from the switch with the battery.

Once you follow all the steps carefully, it’s time to check whether the reverse forward switch works fine. Of course, we hope so.

How Serious Are Club Car Forward Reverse Switch Problems? 

The club cart’s direction switch problems are serious because you may not be able to run or operate your club cart properly. In addition, it can also happen that you turn the switch forward, but the cart goes in reverse. 

Nonetheless, if this happens, you may hit someone who stands behind the curt. After all, the forward reverse switch problem is irritating and creates trouble with your regular task. 

In most cases, the paddle of your club cart may not work if there is a problem with the F/R switch. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Club Car Forward Reverse Switch? 

In most cases, you must fix the Club Car forward reverse switch problem by replacing it. However, the replacement cost without mechanical cost depends on the quality of the forward-reverse switch you buy and where you buy it.

However, on average, you have to spend $80-$200 to replace the reverse forward switch of your club cart. In addition, if you can’t DIY, you need to add the mechanic cost. 

The mechanic’s cost will depend on the service provider, and the hours it takes to replace the direction switch.


It is always better to first identify the causes of the Club Car forward reverse switch problems. Once you are pretty sure about them and the symptoms, you can take further steps. However, the issue with the reverse forward switch can occur anytime, so do not panic.

Once you follow our presented methods, you can fix the forward reverser or direction switch problem. However, you should also never feel shy going with the professional if you are unsure about your skills regarding replacing the direction switch. 

Furthermore, going with the best professional can save you money, and you won’t need to face the issue further in a short time.

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