Ultimate Guide On Club Car Speed Sensor Bypass

Rolling like a puma in your club car golf cart is the ultimate satisfying experience. It can be a little frustrating if your golf cart isn’t moving at your desired speed. Bypassing your speed sensor might work in this case. 

By removing the golf cart’s speed sensor from the speed controller, you can bypass the club car speed sensor. The speed controller will enter limp mode if you disconnect the J5 pin, and that can make the golf cart go slowly.

If you are dead serious about amping up the speed of your golf cart then take a look at this article about club car speed sensor bypass. 

Ultimate Guide On Club Car Speed Sensor Bypass

Can You Bypass Club Car Speed Sensor?

Yes, you sure can. There is a speed controller in the golf cart, and it receives information about the motor’s rpm from a speed sensor. 

This aids in maintaining control over a number of motor operations, including regenerative braking and roll-away safety.

There can either be an AC or a DC motor in a golf cart. You won’t find golf cart speed motors in DC wound motors because they lack features like roll-away safety and regenerative braking.

And you can totally bypass the speed sensor whenever any trouble occurs regarding the component. 

How to Bypass Club Car Speed Sensor?

To know about bypassing the speed sensor, and to do it successfully, you should follow these steps first.

Step 1: Before you get to know about bypassing the speed sensor, you need to locate it on your golf cart. 

Step 2: You will find a Club Car Precedent golf cart’s speed sensor on the motor’s back. And to remove the bypass, you need to unplug the cables first. 

Step 3: Now you can detach the plastic shell that houses the speed sensor and the pigtail connector using a 5/16-inch socket.

Step 4: After you have found the speed sensor on your club car, let’s get to the action. You can easily disregard the speed sensor by removing the golf cart’s speed sensor from the speed controller. 

When you disconnect the J5 pin, the speed controller will enter limp mode, which will cause the golf cart to go slowly.

How Do I Know If My Golf Cart Speed Sensor is Bad?

Golf Cart Speed Sensor

It can be difficult to understand if your golf cart speed sensor is bad or if it is just some electrical glitch you are facing.

But don’t worry, we can help you figure that out. Let’s read below to find out how you can know if your golf cart speed sensor is bad. 

  • The golf cart will go more slowly than usual to the point that it appears to be creeping. It can speed up or slow down erratically.
  • Similar to when a car’s battery is dead or there is a low voltage issue, there can be some stuttering in the golf cart.
  • The speed sensor on a golf cart may stop working if it has a destroyed or damaged magnet. It cannot function correctly until you install a new one. 
  • Also, it can appear that a sensor is defective if a magnet is slack than usual; nevertheless, all that is required is a little tightening.
  • A golf cart may accelerate quickly in the beginning before rapidly slowing down as time goes on. It does this to the point where it exhibits a pattern, occurring repeatedly. This state is what we know as limp.

How to Test the Speed Sensor of Your Golf Cart?

You can get the speed sensor on a golf cart tested in a variety of ways. The following are two ways to test your speed sensor:

Activate the Run

To accomplish this, you must push the golf cart while putting it in the “run” position. If the speed sensor is functioning properly, a beep will be heard, and the pushing will encounter resistance, causing the carriage to slow down. 

In the event of a defective sensor, the cart will roll. Remember that if a golf cart is set to “tow,” it will roll regardless of the situation.

Ensure Plug Connection

Make sure the sensor is attached to the three-pin plug. Place the piercing probe with the green wire’s output to make sure it is connected. After that, raise 1 cartwheel and rotate it fully with your hand. 

As a result, a full revolution should cause the voltage to range from 0 to 5 twenty-four times.

How Do I Increase the Speed of My Club Car Golf Cart?

The majority of brand-new and pre-owned golf carts are designed to have a top speed of about 15 miles per hour. 

But if you want to increase the speed of your own golf cart, we can help you with that. Read below for some awesome ways you can try to amp up the speed of your golf cart. 

Add Extra Torque

The motor’s pulling power, or torque depends on the current flowing through it. Consequently, in general, torque increases with increasing current.

You must raise the motor’s RPM if you want your Club Car golf cart to move faster. But how to do that? Let’s find out below.

  • Make use of a motor rated at a higher RPM. You are now free to ignore your voltage.
  • Increase the voltage supplied to your current motor. By simply adding more voltage to your existing motor, you can increase its top-end speed while keeping the same motor.

Upgrade Your Motor

Larger field coils are used within series wound DC torque motors. A larger field coil inside the motor creates a stronger magnetic field and holds the armature in place more firmly, increasing torque. 

If you want your Club Car golf cart to have more torque but aren’t as concerned with speed, this is a great option.

Generally, installing a torque motor will give you significantly more power. But you will give up some speed. 

In contrast, the Speed Motor, as its name implies, will increase your golf cart’s top-end speed at the expense of some torque.

Enhance Speed Controller

When upgrading, there are various other components in addition to the motor that you should take into account. In essence, setting up a torque motor or speed motor might not be the best course of action. 

You should keep in mind that there are two main/major electrical components of your electric golf cart. These are quite important to its system as you upgrade:

  1. The Golf Cart Electronic Speed Controller 
  2. The Golf Cart Solenoid Contactor Relay

We strongly advise updating each component to the proper amp level. Here is your chores list if you intend to upgrade the motor and speed up or increase the torque of your golf cart:

  • Motor
  • Solenoid Contactor Relay
  • Electronic Speed Controller

Install Better Tires

One of the most affordable and straightforward ways to increase the speed of your golf cart is by upgrading tires and increasing the size of your tires. 

This is a fantastic solution that works equally well for electric and gas golf carts. Your golf cart’s top speed will increase if you add tires with a greater diameter.

Use High Power Battery

Increasing the voltage of your golf cart batteries is a reliable technique to boost the power and speed of your golf cart. This upgrade is also incredibly carefree and takes next to no time. 

Firstly, what you must do is determine the voltage of the golf cart battery. The motor output of a golf cart will rise with a new battery. 

Higher speed is the result of increased motor output. Your golf cart will go much more quickly if you buy fresh batteries with a greater maximum voltage.

High Power Battery
High Power Battery

Keep Your Cart Clean

Maintaining a clean, clutter-free golf cart is probably a “no-brainer,” but it can enhance the overall performance in the speed sector.

Despite the fact that many golf cart owners keep their vehicles in immaculate condition, the underbelly of the vehicle is occasionally overlooked.

Always look for the following things in the golf cart undercarriage: Mud, Rocks, Pebbles and stones, Caked-On Substances, etc.

These things can cause slower speeds by accumulating on your golf cart’s bottom or underside.

Frequently ASked Questions (FAQs)

Our article has covered a detailed discussion regarding club car sensor bypass. But for more clarification, here are the answers to some questions that frequently come to mind. 

Let’s read below to know more.

Will a golf cart run without a speed sensor?

Sure. Since DC series wound motors don’t use several individually excited shunt wound motor characteristics, like regenerative braking or roll-away protection, they don’t require a golf cart motor speed sensor. 

How can I make my electric Club Car Precedent faster?

Installing a more potent electric motor is the simplest and legal way to boost your Club Car’s speed. A Series Wound DC Speed Motor, which has a significantly smaller field coil, is what we advise utilizing.

Can you bypass the OBC on a club car DS?

Yes, you can. You must connect a 12 gauge black wire from this battery’s negative terminal to the location on the rear of the outlet where the black wire attaches in order to bypass the OBC.


Since you will be dealing with your speed sensor, you will have to handle a lot of cables and connections. Make sure to handle them with safety and precautions. Otherwise, unfortunate accidents can happen very easily. 

However, we hope you got everything you need to know about club car speed sensor bypass from our thoroughly detailed article. Now that you have a clear-cut idea about the whole matter, you can make a wise decision for your cart. 

So, stay safe and happy golfing. Hope your golf cart will provide you with the right amount of speed and rolls smoothly on the roads.

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