What Clubs To Bring To Topgolf? [Making The Most In The Field!]

Golf is the game of precision & if the game can be played in the all-in-one golf entertainment complex- Topgolf, the joy is beyond the time. But sometimes, we see, the first-timer or the beginner often wonders what clubs they should bring to Topgolf.

Actually, you can bring your own clubs to the Topgolf, whatever you prefer & that will be the best. However, to most golfers, wedges & iron clubs are best suited to bring from home & using in the Topgolf bays. 

That is not all the hits and giggles at Topgolf all the time! You will come across many more things in today’s write-up! So, without being anywhere else, have a browse on our article.

What Clubs To Bring To Topgolf

Which Golf Club Should I Bring To Topgolf? 

If you are comfortable playing with your own clubs, then you do not have to worry whether you should take your clubs or not. In Topgolf, you can bring your own clubs to practice with.

Moreover, you can also store them in the designated areas in the bay to avoid getting bothered with bringing them back home or carrying them on the next visit. 

Now the question is what clubs you should bring. It all depends on your preference.

Whatever clubs you are comfortable with, take them in your golf bag and set for Topgolf! Preferably, most golfers bring Wedges & Irons in the Topgolf to have their game. 

Wedges are the best club for bringing from home to the TopGolf. Comparatively, you can properly practice or can play better in the distance range of the Topgolf with wedges. 

Iron clubs are also a good choice to bring in the Topgolf. They are usually used to approach shots to the green. Once you are on the green, wedge clubs help to get the ball in the hole.

But you can experience some green scuff on the iron club bottom from the green mats of the Topgolf. 

As the range in the Topgolf does not go very far out, you do not need to bring all your clubs there.

The targets are usually close-range, about 30 to 50 yards, and long-range, up to 215 yards away, so you may not need to bring the drivers. 

You just need to carry a handful of clubs to your local Topgolf instead of hoofing the whole bag. You can go through all the Topgolf range with gap wedge, lob wedge, 3 iron, 5 iron, 7 iron, and 9 iron. 

As Topgolf is a more entertaining & fun place than being serious, if you also intend to have fun, you better not bring your clubs. You can just rent the clubs from there. 

But if you are a serious player & want to improve your skills, you can get your preferred clubs to Topgolf without any worry or hesitation.

Types Of Clubs Available At Topgolf

Types Of Clubs Available At Topgolf 

Topgolf offers you a variety of clubs for you to choose from if you are also one of those who intend to rent it instead of bringing their own.

It is not a big deal if you are unsure what they are or what they are used for! We will have a quick rundown here. 

#1- Woods 

These metal or wood-made clubs are not suitable for long-distance shots. But they are more forgiving and easier to hit. 

#2- Hybrids 

Hybrid clubs are the most versatile, made in a combination of woods & irons. It is great for many kinds of shorts like tee, rough, and fairways. 

#3- Irons 

Iron-made clubs are typically best for precision shorts and are used for approaching. Besides you can get a range of loft iron clubs to choose from. 

#4- Wedges 

These have higher lofts that come with four types: sand, gap, pitching & lob. Usually, it’s designated for the high & short shots around the green. 

#5- Putters 

As the name goes, these clubs are used for putting! With its flat clubface, it’s used for rolling the ball around the green.

#6- Drivers

They are the most powerful and the largest ones. Generally, it’s used on the tee box and designed for long-distance shorts. 

How To Choose The Right Club For Topgolf? 

How To Choose The Right Club For Topgolf?

Choosing the right club in Topgolf requires your best consideration, as the clubs are incredibly beneficial for those who want to improve their games. Let’s cover the factors you should consider while choosing the right one. 

#1- Level Of Skill 

When choosing a club for Topgolf, the first thing you need to consider is your skill level.

For example, if you are a beginner, you require a club designed for the beginner, like a club with a comparatively larger clubhead or a more flexible shaft making it easier to hit the ball.

As you progress at the game and become experienced, you can switch to the advanced clubs. 

#2- Personal Preference 

Your preference matters a lot when choosing the club to have much more in Topgolf.

You should choose a club that is comfortable in your hand and suits perfectly with your style. You can try out different types of clubs before choosing one that can match your preference. 

#3- Weight & Length Of The Club 

The weight & length of the club influences the swing and distance of the shot. You can have longer shots with a longer club; with a lighter club, it will be easier to swing but will not provide much power. 

#4- Swing Style 

Your swing style is the other important thing to consider while choosing a club for playing Topgolf.

If you have a slow swing, you need a club with more loft to get the ball in the air. If you have a faster swing, a club with less loft will be a go for you to control the ball better. 

#5- Target You Are Shooting At

You may want to use a wedge to shoot at a closer target. You can go with wood, iron, or a driver if you are aiming at a target long distance from you.

Pro-Tips To Make The Most Of Your Topgolf Visit

Pro-Tips To Make The Most Of Your Topgolf Visit 
Source: Youtube

If you have never been to Topgolf, here we’ll talk about some pro tips so you can get out there enough and make your visit more fun, meaningful & memorable. 

  • Make a reservation at Topgolf, as getting a spot during peak operating times will be hard. 
  • Choose the clubs with which you are comfortable while playing. In Topgolf, you can rent the clubs or bring your own, whatever your preference. 
  • Look for specials while you are at the Topgolf. Usually, they offer specials during the week or in the morning that are worth taking advantage of. 
  • To get the highest score in Topgolf, you should go there with a group or with your friends as it is relatively more fun. 
  • Get more involved in Topgolf, as it is more fun but also can be competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] 

Hopefully, you have gotten a better idea about the matter by now. If you have any more queries related to the matter, the below compilation of the most searched question may help you. 

Does Topgolf Use Callaway Clubs? 

In every Topgolf venue, there is an ability to upgrade to premium clubs & all of the premium clubs of the venue are already Callaway. You can get the Callaway golf at any Topgolf and have it delivered to your door for free nationwide. 

Is Topgolf Suitable For Beginners? 

Topgolf welcomes everyone in the venue, whether you are experienced or one who can barely get time to fit in the golf swings. It is a perfect place for beginners to have fun hitting as hard as possible.  

What Kind Of Irons Are At Topgolf? 

Topgolf venue golf clubs are perfect for everyone, like children, women, professionals, or those who have never tried one. Most club sets of the Topgolf venue are made by the most famous golf brand, Callaway. 

Do You Get Unlimited Balls At Topgolf?  

You can get unlimited balls at Topgolf. You need to wave your club to the sensor & you will see the ball will come out. At times it can be stopped depending on the game you are playing. 

What Type Of Clubs Are Used At Topgolf To Rent?  

Topgolf has lady flex and regular flex clubs at each bay. These clubs are nothing fancy, but they will work on average. The serious players usually bring their clubs to Topgolf from over a year ago. 

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it all! Always remember that the clubs matter a lot in the games at Topgolf. It can significantly affect your overall performance in the games. 

Whether bringing your golf or renting one in the Topgolf, always consider your personal preference and skills better than anything.

If you are unsure what to do, you can ask the pro there, who offers individual to group classes.

Golf is a game that is supposed to be enjoyable. Choose the ideally suited clubs & have the most fun in Topgolf beyond the time!

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