Scotty Cameron Matador Grip vs Superstroke Golf Grip

Golf grips are often ignored by amateur golfers but for pros they are important. The grip will allow us to regulate the alignment of the golf club’s blade at contact by putting our palms on the club. Superstroke and Scotty Cameron are very popular choices among golfers. 

These two grips are comparable for many reasons as they have quite similar performances. However, they vary in terms of weight and length, and even diameter. The Scotty Cameron Matador has the widest diameter among these two grips.

Getting the perfect golf grip can change the course of your game in many ways. So, Scotty Cameron Matador grip Vs Superstroke which one should you choose? Our guide today will break down all the differences between these two grips and everything else you need to know about them.

Overview Of Scotty Cameron Matador Grip

The Excel polymer’s soft and sticky surface allows more relaxed grip pressure for improved stroke stability. It also has a beautiful design that is pleasing to the eye. The Cameron grip has a gritty feel and provides slide resistance for improved traction.

Overview Of Superstroke Grip

Superstroke has a soft, somewhat tacky feel to it. They’re not spongy; instead, they have a soft exterior latex covering a good core. The Superstroke putter grip is available in a number of colors, allowing customers to select their favorite. 

They also feature a “Parallel Design,” which means they don’t taper or become smaller as you got closer to the head.

Scotty Cameron Matador Grip Vs Superstroke: Comparison Chart

Below we will compare Scotty Cameron Matador with Superstore. So, our comparison chart will give you a quick guide on the differences between these two grips.

FactorsScotty Cameron MatadorSuperstroke
Weight3 options; 68, 77, 86 grams4 options; grams
SizeS, M, L4.0, 3.0, 2.0. 1.0
Diameter1.00, 1.10, 1.60 inches1.00, 1.17, 1.26, 1.52 inches

What Are The Differences Between Scotty Cameron Matador Grip And Superstroke? 

So far we have seen the summary of the basic differences between these two grips. Now we will look into depth analysis and differences between these two products.


Length is one of the most crucial factors when selecting a putter grip as not everyone has the same length preference. The Superstroke only offers one length option that is 10.5 inches whereas the Matador offers two different options 10.25 inches and 11.0 inches.

Thus, Matador takes the upper hand here as it offers two different lengths one is short and one is long, So, you can choose the one that best matches your preferences. 

However, the actual length of the grip has no effect on your performance. It is more for how comfortable you are while using the grip.

FactorCameron matador Superstroke
Length10.25, 11.00 inches10.50 inches


Grips come in different weight options. Some offer only weight whereas some offer various options. Both Cameron and Matador offer different weight options. Cameron Matador has 3 options; 68, 77, and 86 grams, and Superstroke has 4 options to choose from grams.

The counterbalancing effect of a heavy grip makes it simpler to play strokes from unfavorable lies. So, if you want a heavier grip Superstroke is a great choice as it has the option of the heaviest grip. 

But the Cameron also has grips up to 86 grams. As a result, it all depends on your choices. But, if you want to play better shots with more swings Superstroke is the one to go for.


The size of your grip has an impact on how up or down you strike the golf ball. When you play with a tiny grip, you may find yourself squeezing the grip and not using your wrists sufficiently.

Using an excessively large grip, on the other hand, might make it more difficult to square the clubface upon contact.

Matador has 3 options of diameter with the widest being 1.60 inches whereas Superstroke has 4 options with the widest being 1.52 inches.

Oversized grips are good choices for amateurs to reduce pressure. However, pro players need a balance between too large and too small of a grip.


The difference in size is one of the key differences between these two grips, The Scotty Cameron Matador grip comes in three standard sizes; small, medium, and large. Whereas Superstroke offers 4 options; 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0.

With more sizes, you also get more variety from Superstroke. So, if you are looking for more options then Superstroke is for you. Moreover, due to more options, it can be expected that it will match the preferences of all golfers.

Scotty Cameron Matador Grip Or Superstroke: Which One Should You Choose?

Now, the main debate is which one should you choose between Scotty Cameron Matador and Superstroke grip. Both of these grips provide fantastic performance and have many different options to choose from.

Hence, it is not easy to declare one clear winner. If you want more options in size, then Superstroke is the one for you as it offers 4 different sizes with each having specs of its own.

Moreover, it is one of the best aftermarket grips that you can go for as a professional golfer.  However, if you want a wider grip with fewer options, Cameron Matador is a good choice.


This section is all about FAQs. After reading this guide you might have some questions and below we will try to answer all those questions.

Is Scotty Cameron Matador More Beginner Friendly Than Superstroke?

Grips that are wider are more beneficial for beginners as it helps reduce pressure while hitting the ball with more spin. So, due to wider dimensions, the Matador grip is much more beginner friendly than Superstroke.

Is Superstroke Grip Heavier Than The Cameron Matador?

Superstroke comes in 4 different weight options. That being said its highest weight is 90 grams which are more than the highest weight of the Matador grip which is 86 grams. So, Superstroke is heavier than the Cameron Matador.

Are Superstroke And Cameron Matador Grips Worth It?

Both Superstroke and Cameron Matador grips are very well-known grips. They offer the perfect balance between performance and comfort. Saying all that no matter which grips you choose between these two they are well worth the money you will be paying for them.

Who Has A Wider Grip: Superstroke Or Scotty Cameron Matador?

The Scotty Cameron Matador has a thicker grip with the highest size being 1.60 inches compared to the 1.52 inches offered by Superstroke. However, both of these grips offer many different diameter options for the grip.

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