KBS Tour V vs. S Taper Golf Shaft: What Are the Differences?

Finding the right shaft for playing golf is vital for all players. Whether you are an amateur or professional, you will spend hours finding the right one. Even then, the probability of finding your best fit is low.  

So, between KBS Tour and S Taper, which one should you choose? If you prefer less spin and more speed, then you should go for S Taper. On the other hand, KBS Tour V has more spin, allowing the ball to have a higher launch.

The shaft you choose will depend on your end game plan. In this article, we will be covering a comparison between KBS Tour V vs S Taper. Keep reading to learn the core difference.

KBS Tour V vs S Taper Golf Shaft

Overview Of KBS Tour v Golf Shaft

The KBS Tour shaft is a genuine product inclined towards versatility rather than serving professionals only. Its premium design and tour-caliber shaft make it a decent choice for every player.

Since it is made from chrome steel, it will be able to transfer energy more efficiently. This allows the golf ball to travel higher with more energy while fewer spins are produced, resulting in further ball distance.

The sole reason behind the shaft’s manufacture is to allow beginners to get into the game without feeling any pressure. In fact, many top players trust the KBS Tour more than most other shafts. 

An Overview Of KBS S Taper Golf Shaft  

The KBS S Taper, or as pronounced, money taper, is another line of popular shafts from the KBS brand. Contrary to the previous one, the S taper has far more excellent responsiveness, giving it a stable ‘telephone pole’ feel. 

Most people find the S Taper to be quite extreme as it will turn even the most mediocre of shots to their peak performance. 

The S Taper has lower piercing capabilities, which allows you to control the number of spins. Hence, the ball will travel far closer to the ground in a controlled trajectory. 

KBS Tour V Vs S Taper Shaft: Comparison Chart

Before we can move on to the main differences, look at the table below. The table below will give you a short idea of what we will have a debate about. 

CriteriaKBS Tour VKBS S Taper
MaterialChrome SteelChrome Steel
Hitting DistanceHigherLower
Length40.5″ – 37″(depending on the club)37.5″-41.5″(depending on the club)
Ball SpinLowerHigher
Flight timeGreaterLower
Right/Left HandBothBoth
Turf InteractionMore ComfortableLess Comfortable

What Are The Differences Between KBS Tour V And S Taper Shaft?

Now that we are done with the table, we can move on to the key differences between the two. Below, we have compiled some of the key differences in spec between KBS Tour V and S Taper. 

The Feel

The feel refers to how comfortable or how much grip the shaft can offer. These shafts are made from the same materials using different manufacturing techniques. 

As such, the KBS S Taper has a more solid and stout feel that provides more response. On the other hand, the Tour V shaft has a crisp and smooth surface that is comfortable to touch. 


If you’re considering a shaft that offers more forgiveness, the KBS Tour V is the one you should be considering. Since it is made from Chrome steel, a special alloy, it has more forgiveness than the S Taper

However, that doesn’t mean that the S Taper isn’t anywhere decent. It does have a moderate MOI that provides above-average forgiveness. 


When it comes to flex, there are several different sizes available for both of these shafts. We have drawn a table to display the various flexes along with their weight and raw length. 

KBS Tour V Flex Chart

Flex OptionWeightRaw Length
Regular100 g40.5″ – 37″
Stiff 110 g40.5″ – 37″
X-Stiff120 g40.5″ – 37″

KBS S Taper Flex Chart

Flex OptionWeightRaw Length
Regular110 g37.5″ – 41.5″
R+115 g37.5″ – 41/5″
Stiff120 g37.5″ – 41/5″
S+125 g37.5″ – 41.5″

Build Quality

Both of these shafts have excellent built quality. Since they are both made by KBS, the brand has used Chrome still for both shafts. However, the texture and the response you will feel will be quite different. 

While the Tour V is made to be very smooth and soft to the touch, the S Taper has a more firm and sturdy frame. That said, both of these built styles are excellent choices whose usage will depend on the player. 

Ball Speed And Spin

When it comes to the average speed or velocity, both shafts show excellent performance. There are slight deviations since the S taper is much more aggressive than the Tour V, which is known for versatility. 

However, the main difference lies in the ball spin rate. Due to having greater energy efficiency, there are fewer spins on the Tour V. While the taper does offer more spins, you can control them to a major extent.  

KBS Tour V Or S Taper: Which Golf Shaft Should You Choose?

Now that we are at the end of this article, it is time to conclude this debate. This brings us to the big question of which one we should choose between the two?  

Well, they are both quite decent. Besides, the same core material used in manufacturing is the same for both of these shafts. As such, the final one you will end up with will depend on your game style and purpose. 

If you are a professional, who specializes in controlling the spin rate to make the golf ball move, the S Taper is a decent choice. Not only is it much more responsive, but it also prevents the ball from changing the trajectory. 

We wouldn’t suggest the S Taper to you if you are a beginner or amateur golfer. Instead, you would really enjoy the KBS Tour V. It is without a doubt that the Tour V offers excellent flexibility. 

That is why it is not restricted to rookies only. As a matter of fact, many professionals use the KBS Tour V shaft. Do your research on both the available shafts and your preferred game style. 

Try it out when you have shortlisted one, and then purchase your best fit. Only then would you be able to experience your top performance.  


With the conclusion at bay, you might already have several queries to ask. In this FAQ section, we are here to entertain you with answers to some of these queries. 

Is Tour V Faster Than S Taper?

None of the shafts has faster performance than the others. This is because whether the ball will have the velocity or not will depend on the play style of the golfer as well as external conditions like the weather.

Is KBS Tour V Beginner-Friendly? 

Yes, the ABS Tour V is indeed a beginner-friendly shaft. Since it has a high MOI and decent flexibility, anyone can use this shaft, including beginners. 

Does KBS S Shaft Have A Higher Trajectory?

While it does have a higher trajectory, it is more appropriate to say that it is possible to use this shaft to apply a higher trajectory. This is attributed to its soft yet firm frame.

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