Callaway Rogue vs. Mavrik Drivers | Which One to Choose?

Callaway is one of the most regarded brands producing game improvement Drivers. It is very well-known for releasing clubs that make the game of golf more fun and simpler. Their two most popular sets of drivers are the Callaway Rogue and the Callaway Mavrik. 

Mavrik is the newer addition of Callaway than the Rogue. But both of them include almost the same features and qualities except for the differences in distance and sound. The Mavrik drivers produce slightly more distance and ball speed than the Rogue drivers. 

we’ll discuss these two’s differences, similarities, and specs in the entire article. So, if you’re looking to know more about Callaway Rogue vs Mavrik drivers, let’s jump into the depths of the article. 

Overview Of The Callaway Rogue Driver

The Callaway Rogue driver is an older set of drivers than the Callaway Mavrik. It is a game improvement Driver suitable for mid-to-high handicap players.

This set is one of the most user-friendly and affordable drivers from Callaway.  One of the most iconic features of this driver is the jailbreak technology.

It offers increasing ball speed and distance, as well as decent feel and forgiveness. It also features a Triaxial Carbon Crown, which helps to provide high MOI and a promising level of forgiveness. 

Moreover, this is one of the good-looking drivers of Callaway. The Rogue comes with a classical design. It is made of thin steel materials and includes a carbon composite crown, which makes the car sleeker. 

Overview Of The Mavrik Driver 

The Mavrik is the first set of drivers that use AI Designed Flash Face Cup technology. This technology offers explosive forgiveness and launch.

It also provides higher ball speed and distance. This driver also features a tungsten energy core, which lowers the center of gravity (CG). 

Besides, the urethane microspheres injected into the face reduce the vibration and produce a good sound and feel.

Like the Rogue drivers, the Mavrik drivers have 360 Face Cup technology to get some extra flex and distance. It also has lower lofts for longer distances.

However, the variety of golf driver technology makes this driver a little expensive. But it doesn’t feature Variable Face Thickness like the Rogue drivers. Therefore, it can be a better choice than the Rogue driver. 

Callaway Rogue vs Mavrik Drivers: Comparison Chart

It’s crucial to know more about the differences between their specs to compare the Rogue and the Mavrik driver. So, if you want to meet them, let’s have a closer look at the comparison chart below:

Criteria The Rogue Drivers The Mavrik Drivers 
Brand Callaway Callaway 
Material Triaxial carbon composite FS2S titanium 
Ball speed 147 MPH168.7 MPH
Distance Less (178 yards) More (189.2 yards) 
MOI Less More 
CG More Less 
Spin rate High Low 
Shaft options 0103
Hand orientation LH/RHLH/RH

What Are the Differences Between the Callaway Rogue and Mavrik Drivers?

When you’re debating the differences between a Rogue driver and a Mavrik driver, it can be difficult to define them because both are Callaway’s leading drivers and include most similar features. But there are also some key differences, which include the following:


Both of these drivers are very good-looking and stylish. But there is a key difference between them in their looks and designs. 

The Callaway Mavrik comes with a compact size and design as well as a better appearance and feel. On the other hand, the Callaway Rogue drivers have a classic look with better performance. 

Ball speed and Distance

The AI technology and high-strength materials like FS2S titanium used in the Callaway Mavrik driver give it more ball speed and distance.

These drivers also have lower but stronger lofts than the Rogue drivers, which helps them to provide longer distances.  

Sound and Feel

As we discussed earlier, the Callaway Mavrik Drivers feature Urethane Microspheres. It allows the drivers to produce excellent sound while hitting the wall.

This driver also feels like a forged driver because it uses stronger and more high-quality materials than does the Rogue Drivers. 

In contrast, the sound and feel aren’t found as premium in the Rogue drivers for the lack of necessary technologies.

So, in terms of sound and feel, the Callaway Mavrik has a greater sound and feel than the Rogue.   


When it comes to consistency, the Mavrik golf club Drivers are better than the Rogue. The Callaway Mavrik drivers feature an internal ribbing, which allows the drivers to provide consistent hand placement on the driver while hitting a ball. 

Thus, the Mavrik drivers offer more consistent shots and control over the shots. On the other hand, in the Rogue golf club, the internal ribbing system isn’t supported yet. So, from this point of view, the Mavrik is more consistent than the Rogue. 


One of the major differences between these two driver sets is the degree of loft. The Callaway Rogue drivers have a higher loft than the Callaway Mavrik drivers.  

Because of their lower lofts, the Rogue drivers provide lower carry and distance compared to the Mavrik drivers.

The driver with the lowest loft in the Rogue drivers is a 3-Driver. In contrast, the driver in the Mavrik series with the lowest loft is a 4-Driver. 

The comparison of the lofts of each driver in the Mavrik and the Rogue range is shown in the following table:

Callaway Rogue Lofts Callaway MavrikLofts 
3 Driver 183 DriverN/A
4 Driver20.54 Driver18
5 Driver235 Driver21
6 Driver 266 Driver24
7 Driver307 Driver27
8 Driver34.58 Driver31.5
9 Driver399 Driver36
PW 44PW 41


The Mavrik drivers are newer than the Rogue drivers. Moreover, they use more quality materials and artificial intelligence. So, the Callaway Mavrik will cost more than the Rogue drivers.

Callaway rogue or Mavrik: Which Golf Driver to Choose?

The Callaway Rogue Driver will be the best choice for those looking for a game improvement driver. But, if you want to get a game improvement driver with more distance and forgiveness, you must go with the Callaway Mavrik drivers.

It will also give you better consistency and accuracy. The Rogue drivers will be better for golfers with mid to high handicap ranges. But the Mavrik Driver is the best choice for beginners and mid-handicappers.

However, this discussion on  Callaway Rogue vs Mavrik Drivers is to determine which driver will be the best for your game. So, after all, we find that the Callaway Mavrik is superior and the best choice for golfers. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

There are always some common questions that come forward when it comes to comparing the Callaway Rogue and the Callaway Mavrik drivers. Here are some of these questions and their answers: 

Which One Is More Forgiving Between The Callaway Mavrik And The Callaway Rogue Drivers?

The Callaway Mavrik golf club driver is more forgiving than the Callaway Rogue driver. As we mentioned above, the Mavrik drivers are the game improvement Drivers and offer more distance and higher lofts, which give them a surprising level of forgiveness. 

Is The Callaway Mavrik More Expensive Than The Callaway Rogue?

Yes. The Callaway Mavrik driver is more expensive than the Callaway Rogue driver. Because the Mavrik Drivers are the newer collections of Callaway, they are the result of AI technologies and high-quality materials.  

Which One Should Offer More Distance Between The Rogue And The Mavrik Drivers?

The Mavrik Drivers will offer more distance than the Rogue Drivers. As they use AI Flash Face Cup technology, they promote increased ball speed and distance as well as higher launch and carry.  

Which One Is More Beginner-Friendly Between These Two?

The Callaway Mavrik is the more beginner-friendly of these two driver sets. It has a compact design, a user-friendly appearance, and an excellent level of forgiveness.  

Is The Mavrik More Consistent Than The Rogue?

Yes. The Mavrik is more consistent than the Rouge. It has an internal ribbing process which lets the player get more consistent over the shots.

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