When Do Golf Courses Close For The Season- including All USA States

As a golf enthusiast, knowing the availability of the golf course is very necessary. Golf can be a very seasonal sport all around the world. However, depending on your region, the opening and closing seasons of the golf course varies greatly. 

Usually, the golf courses close for the season in the winter when it is too freezing outside. The golf courses close up around mid October and November. In warmer countries, there is the benefit of playing year round on the golf course.

We have covered the times and seasons when do golf courses close for the season in this guide. Let’s take a look at the closing times of the golf courses based on geography.

When Do Golf Courses Close For The Season

When Do Golf Courses Close For The Season in the USA? 

Usually, the golf courses in the USA open in March and close in late October. Since the USA has a diverse climate throughout its different states, the closing season of the golf also varies.

The northern regions of the USA are colder so the golf season begins in April and closes around October.

On the colder hand, the southern regions have a longer golf season. The golf courses there are basically open year round for playing unless it is too cold in December and January. 

In the central and midwest regions, the golf courses are open from March to November.

Pacific West

In the Pacific West of the USA, the earliest golf season starts on 1st Match in Washington and Oregon. In Oregon, the golf course closes at the last date of 30th November. California and Hawaii are warmer so it is open year round except one or two months in winter at times.

StateGolf Season StartGolf Season End
Alaska1st April31st October
CaliforniaAll Year RoundAll Year Round
HawaiiAll Year RoundAll Year Round
Oregon1st March30th November
Washington1st March14th November

Mountain region

Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada golf courses are open year round. Colorado, Idaho, North Utah closes at the same date on 14th November. Montana and Wyoming golf courses close up on 31st October.

StateGolf Season StartGolf Season End
ArizonaAll Year RoundAll Year Round
Colorado15th March14th November
Idaho1st March14th November
New MexicoAll Year RoundAll Year Round
Montana1st April31st October
Utah (North)15th March14th November
Utah (South)All Year RoundAll Year Round
Nevada (North)15th March30th November
Nevada (South)All Year RoundAll Year Round
Wyoming1st April31st October

West-South Central

If you live in the west south central of the USA, you don’t have to worry about the closing season of the golf course. The moderately warm weather in these regions make it possible to play golf all year round.

StateGolf Season StartGolf Season End
Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, OklahomaAll Year RoundAll Year Round

East south central

Except Kentucky, all the East South Central regions such as Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee have the golf courses open all year. In Kentucky, the golf course closes for the season on 30th November.

StateGolf Season StartGolf Season End
AlabamaAll Year RoundAll Year Round
Kentucky1st March30th November
MississippiAll Year RoundAll Year Round
TennesseeAll Year RoundAll Year Round

Midwest – West North Central

Most regions in the west-north close golf courses in mid November around the 14th or 15th. These regions include Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and North Dakota. South Dakota and Minnesota close their golf courses earlier than this on 31st October. Kansas golf courses are open the longest until 31st of December.

StateGolf Season StartGolf Season End
Iowa1st April14th November
Kansas1st March31st December
Nebraska15th March14th November
Minnesota1st April31st October
Missouri1st March14th November
North Dakota15th March15th November
South Dakota1st April31st October

Midwest – East North Central

The golf courses in Ohio fall under five different companies so the closing dates for them also vary accordingly. The closing season falls between 31st October to 30th November. Golf courses of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan close up on 31st October. 

StateGolf Season StartGolf Season End
Indiana1st March14th November
Illinois1st April31st October
Michigan1st April31st October
Ohio15th March30th November
Wisconsin1st April31st October

North East – Middle Atlantic

All three states in this region close their golf courses in mid November. All the golf seasons in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania end on 14th November.

StateGolf Season StartGolf Season End
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania1st April14th November

South – South Atlantic

Most South Atlantic golf courses stay open all year round unless there is a serious rainstorm, hail or snowstorms. Delaware and Maryland close their golf courses for the season on 14th of November and West Virginia does the same on 30th November.

StateGolf Season StartGolf Season End
Delaware1st April14th November
FloridaAll Year RoundAll Year Round
GeorgiaAll Year RoundAll Year Round
Maryland15th March14th November
North CarolinaAll Year RoundAll Year Round
South CarolinaAll Year RoundAll Year Round
VirginiaAll Year RoundAll Year Round
West Virginia1st March30th November

North – New England

Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island golf courses close for the season in mid November. The other two states, Maine and Vermont, close earlier at the end of October. 

StateGolf Season StartGolf Season End
Connecticut1st April14th November
Maine15th April31st October
Massachusetts1st April14th November
New Hampshire1st April14th November
Rhode Island1st April14th November
Vermont15th April31st October

When Do Golf Courses Close For The Season In Canada? 

When Do Golf Courses Close For The Season In Canada?
Source: USA Today

Canada is a country of extreme cold and snow. Therefore, the golf seasons end up being the shortest here due to the unsuitable weather. For all fall and winter, it is too cold in Canada to continue playing golf. 

The ideal golf season for Canada is from May to October. At times, the golf season may start around March or April. However, it doesn’t mean the golf course will be suitable to play at that time. One constant is that the golf courses in Canada always close for the season before fall around October.

When Do Golf Courses Close For The Season In The UK? 

When Do Golf Courses Close For The Season In The UK? 
Source: Country Life

In the UK, the spring and summer are perfect for playing golf. The golf courses open at the beginning of April in the UK. They close for the season in September. 

The UK weather is unpredictable and prone to rain. So, the closing season of the golf courses largely depends on the weather. The minor changes in the closing season vary based on this every year.

When Do Golf Courses Close For The Season In South Africa? 

When Do Golf Courses Close For The Season In South Africa? 
Source: CNN

South Africa is a country where you can play golf all year round. The winter in South Africa is very mild and perfect for playing golf. The humidity in the East coast of South Africa is less in both summer and winter. So, the golf courses don’t close during the year here.

Around Cape Town and the West Coast of South Africa, the weather is way more unstable. The golf courses might be closed depending on the situation. Even if it’s possible to play year round, the best time to play golf in these regions is September to May.

When Do Golf Courses Close For The Season In Australia and New Zealand? 

Australia and New Zealand

Both Australia and New Zealand are southern hemisphere countries with a lot of heat. The warm weather in these places allow golfers to play all year round. The golf courses in Australia don’t close up for the season. You can play any time in the year if you can stand the extreme heat.

The golf courses in New Zealand close in late September. It is possible to play year long here too. But May to late September would be the ideal golf season considering the weather.


Let’s take a look at some of the other important information regarding the golf seasons around the world. As a golfer, these will surely come in handy for you.

How long is the usual season in golf? 

Usually, the season for playing golf lasts around 8 months. The golf season  lasts from March to October, give or take a month from them. This season largely depends on the weather situation each year.

What Are The Best Places For Year-Round Golf? 

In the US, the best places for year round golf are Texas, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Georgia. In Canada, Vancouver Island and Victoria are best places for it.South africa and Australia are also good for year round golf. 

What happens to golf courses in the winter? 

Melted snow, rain can make the golf course wet and slippery. The lack of sunlight and warmth takes way too long to dry. So, the golf course will not drain and dry properly and the course will be unsuitable for playing.

When is the professional PGA tour season? 

The professional PGA tour season lasts the year round. The last PGA tour duration is from September 16, 2021 to August 28, 2022. There are about 47 official events in the PGA tour season that take place throughout the year. 


As much as golfers all around the world would love to play this game year long, it is not possible due to weather conditions. The frost of winter makes the golf course unsuitable to play for anyone.

Hence, the golf courses need this time to be protected from the snow and unstable climate situations. 

The duration and timings for the golf courses closing season depends entirely on the location. The farther south in the world you are in, the golf courses remain open for longer.

The golf courses in the very southern part of the world often remain open throughout the year because of their warm weather.

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