TaylorMade Sim2 vs. Sim2 Max: Which Golf Driver to Choose?

Golf drivers are most probably the most essential piece of equipment for golf players. They come in different shapes and sizes. Drivers from TaylorMade are world-renowned, and two of the most famous drivers from them are Sim2 and Sim2 Max. So, what is the main difference between the Sim2 Vs Sim2 Max driver?

Even though the physical appearance might seem the same with bare eyes, the main difference between Sim2 and Sim2 Max is that, compared to Sim2, the Sim2 Max is more forgiving. But, Sim2 has a lower spin with a low launch angle which helps the ball to travel more 

But, this isn’t all, and there are many more differences between these physically similar golf drivers, which we will look into in detail in this guide.

Overview Of The Sim2 Driver

The Sim2 golf driver is one of the best drivers from TaylorMade and is a trendy choice among pro golfers. A larger, larger resistance supports the titanium front part of the Sim2.

It also has a perfect weight balance that is housed in a new cast and CNC machined aluminum blue rear circle.

Overview Of Sim2 Max Driver

The Sim2 Max and SIM2 drivers both have efficient performance and capabilities that you would expect from top-hand golf drivers.

Sim2 Max is a minor improvement above Sim2. It has a more substantial 24g tungsten weight in the inertia generator and is intended to produce a greater launch and peak spin. 

Sim2 Vs Sim2 Max Driver: Comparison Chart

Now we will look at the difference between Sim2 and Sim2 Max drivers in our comparison chart below.

FactorsSim2Sim2 Max
Loft8, 9, 10.5 degrees9, 10.5, 12 degrees
FaceSmaller than Sim2 MaxLarge
Length45.75 inches45.75 inches
SoundLittle lessHigher

What Are The Differences Between Sim2 And Sim2 Max Driver? 

So far, we have made the basic comparison between these two drivers, but now we will do a thorough review of these two which will help you make your decision easier.

Driver Face

The first thing we will talk about is the face design of these two drivers. The Sim2 Max has a larger face compared to the smaller face in the Sim2 Driver.

From the perspective of raw performance, this implies that the effectiveness of an off-center hit may be improved with larger heads. Therefore, the Max driver has a more robust center striking ability than the standard model.

Moment of Inertia

FactorsSim2Sim2 Max
Moment of Inertia (MOI)16g 24g

Typically speaking, a higher MOI means the golf driver will have higher friction, resulting in more forgiveness. As a result, the Sim2 max performs more forgivingly and has a better MOI. 

The MOI of the Sim2 is higher compared to other golf drivers on the market, but it is still lower than that of the Max model.

Thus the leading cause of the higher MOI is the heavier weight in the Sim2 Max, which is 24g as opposed to 16g in the Sim2.

Flight Distance and Spin

FactorsSim2 Sim2 Max 
Spin2052 rpm2282 rpm
Launch angle12.8 degrees13.4 degrees

There are several elements that affect the launch angle. Your golf ball’s flight path to its target will depend on its launch angle and spin rate.

Additionally, a better driver launch angle frequently results in more push, and this will result in greater distance.

As we can see from the table above, Sim2 offers a lower ball spin along with a low launch which means the ball will travel a longer distance.

Whereas the Sim2 Max has a higher spin and high launch angle which makes it more forgiving. So beginners will have better overall control during swings. 


There isn’t much to compare the sound of these golf drivers. Both of them follow a similar design pattern and build. However, the central tungsten weight varies a bit among them. 

So, Sim2 max, due to its heavier central weight, produces a bit louder sound compared to the Sim2 driver. However, both of them feel solid and stable, and the sounds are somewhat similar.

Sim2 Or Sim2 Max: Which Golf Driver Should You Choose? 

Now, to the biggest debate, which one should you choose among Sim2 Vs. Sim2 max drivers. Well, frankly speaking, both of these drivers are excellent and are highly suited for all types of players. 

But we need to pick one winner, and for us, considering every aspect of performance, Sim2 is a superior choice to Sim2 Max.

Sim2 is mainly meant for mid-level handicapped and professional players, as it is easy to control and offers lower spin with a lower launch angle

Whereas Sim2 Max is a better choice for beginners as they will get a higher flight with a moderate level of forgiveness along with a higher spin. With Sim2 Max, you will also get a higher distance. 


Now we will look into a few of the FAQs that are related to our discussion today. This section will further clarify all your confusion regarding these two golf drivers.

Is Sim2 Max Heavier Than Sim2?

The Sim2 max and the Sim2 have a similar kind of build following the same aerodynamics design. However, the Sim2 Max has a higher central tungsten weight of 26 g, which is heavier than the 16g weight of the Sim2. So, the overall weight of the Max version increases.

Which Has Higher MOI: Sim2 Max Or Sim2?

High forgiveness and stability result from a greater MOI. As a result, the driver’s performance is much improved. Compared to the Sim2 golf driver, the Sim2 Max features a greater MOI. 

Is Sim2 And Sim2 Max The Easiest Golf Driver To Hit Straight?

A club with a high MOI is more stable and hence less prone to twisting, which results in a faster ball and a straighter stroke. Sim2 Max will thus produce greater straight shots than Sim2 driver since it has a larger MOI.

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