Sun Mountain Maverick vs C130 Golf Bag | See the Differences

A golf bag is specialized to carry everything required for a round of golf. It includes multiple pockets and compartments. There are a number of manufacturers who have been producing golf bags for decades. Sun Mountain is one of them.

The Maverick and the C-130 golf bag are two of their latest products. They have a lot of similarities and differences too. But the differences aren’t many, except the number of pockets and the type of dividers. The C 130 has full length dividers and includes more pockets than the Maverick golf bag.

Nowadays, there are a lot of golf bags from different producers on the market. So, it is critical to understand which one you should choose. Well, in this article on the Sun Mountain Maverick vs C130 golf bag, we will highlight the differences between them so you can make the right choice.

Sun Mountain Maverick Vs C130 Golf Bag
Sun Mountain Maverick Vs C130 Golf Bag

Overview of the Sun Mountain Maverick golf bag

The Sun Mountain Maverick is a cart golf bag that includes a tri-folding cart strap system. This feature allows the bag to be stored on the trolley very easily.  

This bag is made of 900D polyester and has a black full-length molded base that protects the clubs from any kind of damage. The bag consists of 11 pockets of multiple sizes, which can be used for putting smaller items.

The split top is the iconic feature of this bag that allows the clubs to be easily accessed. Moreover, it has a separate compartment for shoes and 14 dividers for the best performance.

Overview of the Sun Mountain C130 golf bag

The Sun Mountain C 130 is a versatile, well-designed, and portable golf cart bag. It is specially designed for the cart riders. This bag is durable enough and features many pockets, strong handles, and a good size. 

Moreover, it is designed with a large diameter of 10.5″. It also includes separate compartments for each golf club and allows easy organization. 

This bag comes in plenty of colorways, so you can choose your favorite one. Therefore, the bag features 13 pockets, which allows easy accessibility of smaller items. Overall, it is one of the most suitable and best selling bags on the market for cart riders. 

Sun Mountain Maverick vs C130: Comparison Chart 

Which one will be the best option for you? To get the answer, check out this comparison chart between the specifications of the Sun Mountain Maverick and the C-130 golf bags. 

Item Dimension (L×W×H)14×12×36 inches14×12×36 inches
Item Weight7 lbs5.6 lbs
Brand NameSun MountainSun Mountain
Number of Dividers1414
Number of Pockets1113
Suggested UsersMensMens
Sport TypeGolfGolf
Material900D polyesterNylon
Hand OrientationRightRight

What Are The Differences Between Sun Mountain Maverick And C 130 

In spite of some similarities, the Maverick and the C 130 golf bags have some differences too. Here we are going to figure out and explain what is actually responsible for the differences between them. 


Both of them function very nicely and are very user-friendly. All pockets of the Maverick golf cart bag are front-facing to ensure easy accessibility when the bag is on a cart. The top has two utility handles, which allow the bag to be lifted on and off a cart.

On the contrary, the C-130 bag has 3 pockets on each side and the spine has 4, for a total of 10 pockets. It also includes a cooler pocket on the left side with enough storage space. The bottom of the bag has two fairly large pockets for keeping golf balls. In this way, this bag has a total of 13 pockets.

However, two of them are designed properly. The C-130 is especially designed for the specialist and the Maverick is preferred for the beginners to advance. 


The Sun Mountain brand is always concerned about the weight of their products. In this way, the Maverick golf cart bag is one of the best lightweight products.

This Maverick golf cart bag is only 5.6 lbs. (5.6 pounds), whereas the c-130 is 7 lbs. Though the Maverick is all-featured, it is definitely a lighter one than the others.

Maverick5.6 lbs
C 1307 lbs


Sun Mountain bags are always very popular for their durability. The C-130 and the Maverick both are durable enough and last a long time with proper maintenance and handling.

As we mentioned above, the C-130 has three integrated handles on the top, which protects the bag from any kind of damage. Though the Maverick includes two utility handles on the top, they also protect the bag strongly.

Maverick2 handles
C 1303 handles

The materials used in the bags are 900D polyester and nylon, which make the bags strong and durable enough. But the C-130 uses quality materials and softer fabric than the Maverick golf cart bag.  

Pockets: Sun Mountain Maverick vs C 130  

The Maverick and the C-130 both of them have plenty of pockets for easy organization of smaller items. The Sun Mountain Maverick features 11  pockets whereas the C-130 has 13 pockets. 

Sun Mountain Maverick or C 130: Which Golf Bag Should You Choose? 

The decision between the Sun Mountain Maverick and the C 130 may be the biggest debate for the time being. As we have already discussed the comparison of their specifications, hopefully now it will be easy enough to make your decision.

If you are strictly used to charting the course, C 130 would be the best choice for you. It rides accurately on a cart. You may also use it on your push cart for a couple of rounds. It may feel a little bulky.

But it is just for having plenty of features and storage needed for a well-performed production. So, if you want to get a high-quality notched golf bag, the Sun Mountain C 130 is recommended. 

In contrast, if you want to get a budget-friendly but full-featured golf bag, the Sun Mountain Maverick would be the right choice for you. It is an excellent choice for players looking for lightweight bags with strong materials.

If you’re okay with the lack of dedicated shoe space and want to use it on electric or push carts, then this could be the right one for you.  

So, hopefully, this comparison article on Sun Mountain Maverick vs C 130 golf bags will assist you in choosing the best one between them.

As we discussed their advantages, disadvantages, and usage of them, you can easily match your requirements and choose the right one. 


Is The Sun Mountain Maverick More Affordable Than The C 130? 

Yes, the Sun Mountain Maverick is more affordable than a C 130 golf cart bag. It costs around $229.99 on the Sun mountain website, whereas the price of a C 130 golf bag is around $269.99.

Which One Is Easy To Carry Between Sun Mountain Maverick And C 130? 

A Sun Mountain Maverick golf cart bag is more comfortable and easy to carry than a C 130 golf bag.
Though it includes all the features needed for a high-performance product, the manufacturers of this product have succeeded in reducing the overall weight of the item.  

How Many Pockets Do The Maverick And The C 130 Golf Bag Have? 

Both of these golf cart bags have a large number of pockets for keeping all the necessary stuff. The Sun Mountain Maverick golf cart bag has a total of 11 pockets. On the other hand, the C130 golf bag has 13 pockets. 

Which One Is More Beginner-Friendly Between The Maverick And The C 130 Golf Cart Bag? 

Here the answer is “Sun Mountain Maverick.”  This golf cart bag is more beginner-friendly than the C 130 golf cart bag. As we mentioned above, all the pockets are front-facing, which helps the user access the stuff easily. 

Which One Is The Best Cart Bag Between The Sun Mountain Maverick And The C 130?

The features of a good cart may include full-length dividers, a large number of pockets, a massive number of color selections, individual club slots, etc. In this way, the Sun Mountain C 130 is our choice for the best golf cart bags at this time on the market.

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