Oakley Half Jacket vs Flak Jacket: Which Sunglass Better Fits You?

For a long time, sunglasses by Oakley have been the best sellers on the market. They have produced countless iconic pairs of sunglasses spanning several decades.

After introducing us Half Jacket 2.0 and Flak jacket, they quickly became a hit among all golfers. But when it comes to making a purchase, people often need guidance between the Half Jacket 2.0 and the Flak jacket.

One main difference between Half Jacket 2.0 and Flak Jacket is in size. Compared to the Flak jacket, the Half Jacket 2.0 is slightly undersized. People with wider cheekbones should wear Flak jackets.

Finding the correct pair of sunglasses can be challenging, so we’ve broken down the key distinctions between the Half Jacket 2.0 and Flak Jacket models. Please read the article and pick the one that best suits you.

Oakley Half Jacket vs Flak Jacket

Overview Of Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 sunglasses

In 2002, Oakley introduced the first iteration of their Half Jacket glasses, which had a half-frame style, as the title implies.

This Oakley frame included the company’s first-ever changeable lenses and dual lenses. Furthermore, it was an immediate success with the public. 

As a follow-up to their Half Jacket design, Oakley released Half Jacket 2.0 in 2012. Half Jacket 2.0 has modernized with a new O material frame and Prizm lenses.

This features metallic emblems and a sturdy, compact design. Despite perspiration, this framework is built to last. Here are some pros and cons of Oakley Half Jacket 2.0

Overview Of Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 sunglasses

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Overview Of Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses

In 2007, Oakley released the first iteration of the Flak Jacket. There were high hopes that it would replace the Half Jacket. However, that ambition was dashed when Half Jacket 2.0 was released.

The Oakley Flak Jacket designed with sports people’s demands in mind. A soft, supportive body ensures a firm hold, even when your hands are sweaty. 

The 3 points fit developed by Oakley improves comfortability, ensures the lenses stay in place precisely, and contributes to the brand’s signature high vision standard. 

Flak Jacket features a bottomless rimless frame, allowing unobstructed peripheral vision in any direction. Here are some pros and cons of Oakley Flak Jacket.

Overview Of Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses

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Oakley Half Jacket vs Flak Jacket: Comparison Table

Let’s look at the similarities and differences between the two models at this point in the debate.

FeaturesHalf Jacket 2.0 Flek Jacket 
Temple length133mm135mm
Frame Width135mm130mm
Frame Height36mm37mm
Lens width57mm58mm
Swap lensSnap in Snap in

What Are The Differences Between Oakley Half Jacket And Flak Jacket?

Looking at the chart up top, you can get an overview of how the Half Jacket 2.0 differs from the Oakley Flak Jacket. Let’s explore the specific reasons and areas of difference between them now.

Size And Design

Size And Design

Half Jacket 2.0 dimensions are 135mm wide, 133mm temple to temple, and 36mm tall.

With a press squeeze system like those of the Oakley Radar and Radar EV, the lenses swapped out just like on the original Half Jacket.

Size-wise, Flak Jacket is 130 mm wide, 135 mm from temple to temple, and 37 mm high.

Size And Design flak jacket

And just like the Half Jacket 2.0, you can switch out the lenses for a new pair whenever you want.

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The Half Jacket 2.0 comes in two variations, standard and XL lances. Both of these alternates share the same Frame. Here lens diameter is the only defining feature.

While regular lenses’ curvature offers a familiar adjustment, XL lenses’ concave lower shape flares out 2mm more to offer more comprehensive visual coverage.

On the other hand, Flek Jacket also comes in two variations, standard and XLJ lenses. Once again, the XLJ-sized lens offers a novel form factor and increased field of view.

The Standard lens is the one you need if your glasses tend to scrape into your face because of your broad cheekbones. Oakley Flak Jacket is for those who have a wider cheekbone.


With the ability to switch out lenses in Half Jacket 2.0, you can stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving lighting conditions without sacrificing safety or comfortability.

The newest iteration of famous Half Jacket sunglasses, HDO (High Definition Optics): technology provides crystal-clear viewing in all situations. So with the HDO technology, you will get better feedback on the golf course. 

Flak Jacket uses an Oakley hydrophobic glass covering that prevents water condensation and glare. So, fingerprints, derm oil, and other impurities can’t smudge the lens.

So sweaty conditions on a  golf course, wearing a Flak jacket won’t be a problem. It also neutralizes static electricity, which helps to reduce dust and dirt stickiness.

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Lens Ability

The lenses of Flak Jacket are made from PLUTONITE, which blocks 100% of UV rays and harmful lights up to 400 nm.

As an added bonus, the half jacket comes with Oakley HDPolarized lenses, which include photochromic technology to automatically light or dark the lenses as necessary.

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 or Flak Jacket: Which one should you use for golfing?

Last but not least, the most contentious issue is which frame you should get. There are some subtle differences between the two lenses, but they are extremely similar overall.

Both pairs of glasses are excellent choices for golfers, but the Half Jacket 2.0 is the better buy if you’re looking for maximum protection from the sun and wind on the course.

In addition, Half Jacket is famous for its protection against blue light and complete invulnerability to UV rays.

On the other hand, Flak Jacket is the way to choose if you have broader chick bones, are prone to sweating, and have a steady frame. However, both of the frames are high in price tag.

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To sum up the many aspects of Half Jacket 2.0 and Flak Jacket for you, we have done our best. In spite of this, there are still a few recurring inquiries. Your queries have been answered here.

What is the distinction between standard Oakley sunglasses and the XLJ version?

To make this distinction is crucial. Some frame models provide options for various lens sizes, but the frames are all the exact dimensions. Sunglasses with the Oakley name “Flak Jacket XLJ” on the label consist of a Flak Jacket frame and XLJ lenses.

What are the advantages of Oakley prizm for golfers?

No one can deny that Prizm lenses significantly enhance clarity, especially in the periphery.
Filtering out “visual noise,” enhancing depth perception, and increasing contrast in important color wavelengths are all major benefits for golfers.

Do the lenses from Flak Jacket fit in the XLJ?

If you have high cheekbones, you might look better with the more traditional Flak Jacket lenses, which are angled downwards.
Since Flak Jacket XLJ and the regular Flak Jacket have the same frame chassis, their lenses are interchangeable.

Are there different types of lenses available for Oakley half jackets?

The Oakley Half Jacket and Flak Jacket can be outfitted with XLJ lenses. XL lenses, like XLJ lenses, are usually longer than regular lenses.

What is the material called plutonite that is used in flak and half jackets?

The Plutonite used in Oakley sunglasses is effective against all forms of UV light. All of the ultraviolet light comes from the sun’s thermonuclear furnace blocked by transparent lenses.

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