Titleist TSI2 vs. TSI3 Fairway Wood | A Detailed Comparison

Titleist made TSI2 and TSI3 unique in their own way. Both have their similarities and differences. Golfers can pick their driver depending on their playstyle. The TSI series offers excellent features to ease your gameplay.

When we compare TSI2 and TSI3 fairway wood drivers, one of the many differences lies in launching. TSI2 allows you to launch the ball higher. whereas TSI3’s launch is weaker as the ball doesn’t go up super high.

Choosing the right driver for the right match is crucial. However, this is just a snap of the detailed process we will discuss in this article. If you want to learn what differentiates these two drivers, then stick to the end.

Overview Of The TSI2 Driver

With a TSI2, it is very easy to get the ball high in the air. Especially for golfers who swing their driver at a slow pace. TSI2 ensures the ball can travel further through the air with less spin.  

Therefore it’s more forgiving compared to TSI3. Here are the advantages and drawbacks of the TSI2 Driver:

Overview of TSI3 Fairway Wood Driver

TSI3 offers players better-shot control. From changing loft angle to adjustable COG, it has it all.

The COG is right behind the point of impact with five different settings, which allows you to adjust the shot shape precisely.

Check your impact position. Use a setting that increases your ball’s speed to match your impact location. Toe impacts benefit from the T1 or T2 setting.

whereas heel strikes have better results with H1 or H2 adjustments. Here are the good sides and drawbacks of TSI3:

TSI2 vs TSI3 Fairway Wood Driver: Comparison Chart

The differences between these two drivers are significant. Comparing them side by side makes it easy to understand their look and feel.

All of their features are known to favor average and professional golfers alike. The following is a comparison chart showing the differences between TSI2 and TSI3:

Centre of gravityAdjustable Non-adjustable
Handicapper typeHigherLower
Head positionUnchangeableChangeable
Loft options8, 9, 10, 11 degrees8, 9, 10, 11 degrees
Head size460cc460cc
Head shapeBigger triangular shapeSmaller and compact

What are the differences between TSI2 and TSI3 fairway wood drivers?

TSI2 and TSI3 both have differences that separate them. Many professional golfers prefer the TSI series to maximize their performance.

Both of them have a significant shape along with different launch levels. Learn in-depth about the differentiating factors below to get to know these drivers:

Forgiveness: TSI2 vs TSI3 Fairway wood

With TSI2, it is easy to hit shots consistently. Due to its increased forgiveness and aerospace titanium, you can make the ball travel further.

When it comes to TSI3, shots could be a bit difficult to hit as the forgiveness is less than TSI2. But with the advantage of aerospace titanium and faster swing speed, TSI3 will work in your favor.

Ball Distance: TSI2 vs TSI3 Fairway wood

Due to the COG being set too low and due to increased MOI, TSI2’s ball distance is greater. Along with these features, both drivers have low spin, which maximizes ball distance.

In TSI3’s case, ball distance can be versatile as the  COG can be adjusted to the toe or heel. Both long and short distances can be achieved.

COG Adjustment: TSI2 vs TSI3 Fairway wood

In TSI2, COG is fixed. As a result, it cannot be changed or adjusted. COG is permanently set to low to ensure the ball travels longer distances.

TSI3 is more versatile in this case. There is a weight attached to the head, which can be moved to adjust the COG as you want. With adjustable COG, you have more control over your shot.

Consistency: TSI2 vs TSI3 Fairway wood

Both the drivers are manufactured using aerospace titanium, enabling the ball to go longer distances. 

With TSI3, a speed of over 100mph, and aerospace titanium, shots can be consistently achieved the way you want. In contrast, TSI2 doesn’t require that much speed to be consistent.

TSI2 or TSI3 Fairway wood: Which Golf Driver should you choose? 

Both these drivers from Titleist are excellent. Each favors a certain type of golfer. If you are a player who is inconsistent in hitting shots off the center, then go for TSI2. With a wider face, the ball is easy to hit and launch high. 

Now, if you are a player who is an expert at hitting shots consistently off the center, try TSI3. It is highly accurate with a mid-level launch and features that you can adjust as you desire.

Change the settings for your perfect shot. Or pick a driver that is simple, such as TSI2, with fewer customizable aspects. Feel free to choose any of these according to your style of play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By now, you should have an idea about TSI2 and TSI3’s good and bad sides. Here are some frequently asked questions about TSI2 vs TSI3:

How Much Forgiveness Do TSI2 And TSI3 Offer?  

TSI2’s face has more surface area, and it is made to get the ball high up in the air nicely. Thus, it has enough forgiveness to support any average player who can make shots with less difficulty. 
If it’s about TSI3, you have to be a bit more advanced to handle its modes. With less forgiveness, if you can hit shots accurately on a regular basis, TSI3 is your best friend.

How Many Adjustability Features Do TSI2 And TSI3 Have?

Hosels can be adjusted on both the drivers to get the right loft angle of your choice. Along with that, in TSI3, you can change the position of COG to avoid missing shots. 
You can also change the head position for the appropriate shot in TSI3. Even though TSI2 has less adjustability, it still works well with its built-in advantages.

Can The Shaft Be Changed In These Drivers?

Yes, you can change and customize the shafts however you like. Now, picking the right shaft for yourself is important.
The right shaft will influence your playing style. Check your swing speed, playing style, and the type of launch you prefer when picking a shaft. 

What Type Of Handicapper Likes TSI2 Vs TSI3?

A player with lofty shots will gain an advantage with TSI2. TSI3 is the right choice for a player who is satisfied with a medium-tier launch and maximum distance.

Do Professionals Use TSI2 And TSI3 Fairway Wood Drivers?

The TSI series is quite popular among modern-day pros. Players from the PGA tour, such as Garrick Higgo, Justin Thomas, Max Homa, etc., like to use the TSI3. 
When it comes to TSI2, it is also desired by pro golfers, but less so than TSI3. Brian Harman, Matt Jones, etc., are the pro players using TSI2.

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