Rapsodo vs. Mevo | Which Golf Launch Monitor to Choose?

It’s crucial to know which one will work best for you before you purchase a launch monitor. Because each of them has their own features and specifications. The Rapsodo MLM and the FlightScope Mevo are two of today’s most regarded launch monitors. 

The key difference between these two is that the Rapsodo is more user-friendly than the Mevo. On the other hand, the Mevo is better for accuracy. 

There are many things to consider before choosing any one of them. So, we aim to provide you with a brief overview of these two so that you can easily pick the best one for yourself. Let’s jump into the entire article and figure out the superior one. 

Overview Of Rapsodo Golf Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo MLM launch monitor comes with a very simple interface, which makes it very easy to use. It is also a compact size, so that you can easily carry it in your golf bag.

This monitor has more data points such as ball speed, club speed, launch angle, carry, smash factor, launch direction, and distance.

It also provides an immediate video record of your swing directly behind the ball. Besides, it uses a red fractal line to expose your balls’ flight path. 

It has a proper combination of radar, the phone’s camera, and GPS tracker. You can use this device both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, it will let you sort all the data so you can see your progress with each shot. 

Overview Of Mevo Golf Launch Monitor

FlightScop’s Mevo golf launch monitor is highly appreciated for its accuracy and longer battery life. Though it has a complex interface, it has excellent apps to help you. 

The device has a lot of data points: ball speed, club speed, spin rate, carry distance, swing tempo, smash factor, and distance.

It also features a 2D Doppler radar for its readings. Besides, It is very lightweight and compact enough to carry.

This monitor can also be used in  indoor or outdoor practices, like the Rapsodo. Mevo’s software allows you to monitor your fade, and see your distance.

You can even mark up the video playback and play it in slow motion. After all, it’s a great device at an excellent price.  

Rapsodo vs Mevo: Comparison Chart

If you want to choose either one of these two devices, it’s very essential to discuss the characteristics and specifications of both of them. So let’s have a deeper look at the comparison chart of their specifications:

Criteria Rapsodo Mevo 
Manufacturer Rapsodo Mevo 
Data points 87
Battery lifeUp to 8 hoursUp to 10 hours
Ease of use Easier Harder 
Accuracy Less More 
Material Plastic Plastic 
Phone holder Yes No 
Phone typeApple Apple/Android 

What Are The Differences Between Rapsodo And Mevo?

Here are some key differences between them. These are important in making a purchasing decision. So, let’s see what the features are that make the difference. 


Both of them are good looking and high-end devices. The packaging of these devices is just fantastic and gives you the feel of high-end monitors. Two of them are compact enough. But the Mevo will feel lighter than the Rapsodo.

The Rapsodo includes a carrying case and a phone holder, while the Mevo doesn’t. Moreover, it has a larger display and higher resolution than the Mevo launch monitor.  

Ease of use

The Rapsodo golf launch monitor is greater than the Mevo in terms of accessibility. For being a simple interface on its own, it’s very easy to use and preferable for beginners. 

The initial setup process is remarkably easy. You just need to pair the device with your iPhone or iPad and activate the GPS tracker to locate the exact spot.

But it doesn’t mean that the Mevo will be tough. It is also easy enough, especially in the indoor sessions, where it works like a high-end device.    


As we discussed, both of these devices are powerful performers and include all the characteristics you need to go down the right path. But there are the things, which make the Mevo a better performer.

The most iconic thing is that it doesn’t miss the shots and the app will never crash. You can easily access and customize all the data and analysis.

Therefore, the battery life is long enough. The only key downside to this device is that the app is pretty much harder to access. 

In contrast, the Rapsodo is also very good, except it can embarrassingly miss shots.

But the app is very easy to access and will provide you with instant video playback and progress of your game. So, in terms of performance, the Mevo is slightly better than the Rapsodo.   


There will be no debate that the FlightScope Mevo is the most accurate monitor at its price. It usually doesn’t miss the shots and gives you accurate information regarding your shots. But what it lacks is the ability to track the launch angle and spin rate. 

Therefore, the Rapsodo is also one of the most accurate devices. It will give you the exact information about the ball speed and clubhead speed.

But unfortunately, it works slightly worse on the spin rate, which really does impact on its accuracy.  

Data options

At this point, the Rapsodo MLM monitor is far superior to the Mevo. It has more data options than the Mevo.

This will provide all the information regarding your distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, carry, smash factor, and so on. But the Mevo won’t give you the data on launch angle.

Data points Rapsodo Mevo 
Ball speed 
Club speed 
Swing tempo 
Launch angle 
Spin rate 
Smash factor 
Launch direction 
Carry distance 

Rapsodo Or Mevo: Which Golf Launch Monitor To Choose?

Though both of these devices are one of the highest-regarded launch monitors, there are some issues which will let you choose any one of them. So let’s have a discussion on them:

The most noticeable thing about this case is the type of your mobile phone. If you’re an Android user, you must go with the Mevo. Because the Rapsodo doesn’t work except for the iPhone or iPad.

Moreover, if you care about the lateral data, we suggest you choose the Rapsodo MLM. because it has a number of data points that MEvo doesn’t have. 

Besides, if you want to have the most portable one, the Flightscope Mevo is the best choice. But in this case, you should have a separate cell phone holder as the Mevo does not include any built in holder. 

If you’re a player who is looking for a monitor that is easier to use, the Rapsodo is the best choice for you. But if you want to enjoy a more advanced experience, the Mevo stands ahead of the Rapsodo.

However, both of them are good enough for any golfer. And after all these discussions, we hope that Rapsodo vs Mevo will not be a difficult thing to deal with. You can definitely choose either one of these two depending on your choice and recommendations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions. We’re going to answer them right below to help you choose the best launch monitor for your game.

Which One Is More Accurate Between Rapsodo And Mevo? 

Both of them are accurate enough for your game. But you will get information about your spin and swing of each shot while using the Mevo launch monitor. For instance, the Mevo is slightly more accurate than the Rapsodo.  

Which One Has More Data Options Between The Mevo And The Rapsodo?

The Rapsodo can track more data than the Mevo. For example, it can provide information about the launch angle and the launch direction, but the Mevo can’t.    

Is The Rapsodo More User Friendly Than The Mevo?

Yes. The Rapsodo is more user friendly than the Mevo. As we mentioned earlier, it has a very simple interface and a larger display with a higher resolution.

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