Why Do Electric Golf Cart Runs Then Stops? [Explained]

Your electric golf cart runs and then stops can happen due to multiple reasons. First, you need to check the batteries. Chances are the controller is bad. In addition, there can be issues with the controller, solenoid, electrical connections, battery voltage, and more. 

Knowing what causes the issue first and then attempting to fix it is the best thing you can do. And here, we will guide you on how you can completely eliminate the issue of electric golf cart sudden stops.

Why Do Electric Golf Cart Runs Then Stops [Explained]

What Causes Electric Golf Cart Runs Then Stops?  

The operation of electric golf carts is complex. Many devices work together in order to ensure you operate your golf cart without any issues. 

But, sometimes, an issue with the single mechanical device of your electric golf cart can cause it to stop while you are driving it suddenly. 

But what might go wrong? From our experience and after coming in touch with many electrical golf cart owners, we’ve devised a list of causes. 

  • Low battery voltage. 
  • Bad battery connection. 
  • Faulty solenoid. 
  • Loose electrical connection. 
  • Malfunctioning motor. 
  • Bad controller. 
  • Faulty Battery. 

How Do You Fix Electric Golf Cart Sudden Stops?

Fix Electric Golf Cart Sudden Stops
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Once you know the possible reasons that can bring into the issue, you are supposed to resolve them comprehensively. 

It’s always better to go with a professional mechanic before replacing components like battery, solenoid, or controller. Whatever, let’s fix the issue. 

Low Battery Voltage 

Low Battery Voltage 

We firmly believe you know the role of the battery of your electric golf cart. As the batteries are supposed to generate power to run several components of your electric golf cart, proper voltage is all you need to ensure.

And it makes sense that without a proper battery voltage, the electrical components of your electric golf cart won’t run. 

Thus, you might experience sudden stops in your golf cart after driving it for some time.  

Now the solution is simple; you need to check the battery voltage using a voltmeter when your electric golf cart stops suddenly. 

You need to charge the battery if there is a low voltage. Depending on the batteries, the ideal voltage can be 36 or 48. 

Here you can check this video to test the battery voltage of your electric golf cart using a voltmeter. 

Bad Battery Connection  

Bad Battery Connection  

Your golf cart battery won’t deliver electrical power to the electrical devices unless there is a smooth connection. 

But sometimes, the battery connection might be disrupted, causing the batteries to power the motor, solenoid, or controller. And thus, your golf cart suddenly stops. 

Now there can be too many things that go wrong. Changes are the battery terminals are corroded. The battery cables may also be damaged or broken. 

So you need to check the battery terminals and the cables. If these components become corroded, damaged, or broken, you need to replace them ASAP. 

Faulty Solenoid

Faulty Solenoid

The solenoid of your electric golf cart is supposed to play a key role in connecting the battery to the motor. 

Moreover, the solenoid of your golf cart transfers electrical energy from the battery to the motor. Now if the solenoid goes bad, there won’t be enough power for the motor to run.

And thus, you may start your electric golf cart but may stop all of a sudden. So, ensuring the solenoid works fine is the best thing you can do in such a case. 

Moreover, you have to check the solenoid using a voltmeter. If it goes bad due to overheating and corrosion, you need to replace it. You can also check this YouTube video to replace the solenoid of your electric golf cart. 

Loose Electrical Connection 

Often, the electrical connection of your golf cart connected to several components may become loose. 

And if this happens, there will be disrupted electrical power all around. Chances the wires become loose or broken. This is a prominent electric golf cart problem. 

So, you need to access the control panel of your electrical golf cart. And then, you need to check for any loose connection or broken wire. 

If there is any, you should replace it. This will reduce the change of electrical connection interference to the motor of your golf cart. 

Malfunctioning Motor  

Malfunctioning Motor  

If the motor malfunctions, you can never expect to run your electric golf cart properly. But why? 

Well, the leading role of the motor in your electrical golf cart is to generate power to move the cart forward and reverse. The components do this with the help of a battery.  

Moreover, the motor converts electrical energy to mechanical energy, allowing the wheels to move. 

A motor comes with components like a rotor, stator, and more. Oftentimes, they are prone to fault. And so, your golf cart might run, then stop. 

So, you need to check the motor properly. And if the motor goes bad, you should replace it with a new one. Doing so might cost you $500-$700. 

Bad Controller 

Bad Controller 

Similar to the motor, the controller of your electric golf cart is a crucial component. But the primary duty of a controller is to regulate the power from the battery. 

In other words, the combination of motor and controller ensures a smoother run of the electrical golf cart.

Now if the controller starts to malfunction, it can severely impact the work process of the motor. And by this, the electric golf cart is supposed to run and then stop after a few moments.

So, check the controller, located near the control panel, correctly. You have to look for any extreme wear or damage. 

Here you also have to use a voltmeter to check the controller. Replace the controller if it turns out bad. 

Faulty Battery 

Faulty Battery 

A well-functioning battery is a precondition to having a good electric golf cart. The battery is the main component that powers the motor. 

And so, if the battery goes bad, your electric golf cart is not supposed to run smoothly. Moreover, you’ll experience sudden stop issues. 

So, you need to check the battery of your electric golf car using a voltmeter. Now, if the battery becomes dead, you must put a new one in place. 

Based on the model and manufacturer, replacing the electric golf cart batteries will cost around $700-$1400. 

How Do I Reset My Electric Golf Cart Motor? 

In order to fix any issues related to the motor of your electric golf cart, resetting it can be a possible solution. You can easily reset the motor by following the steps below. 

  • Step 1: Locate the reset button on the control panel (near the main power source) of your electric golf cart. 
  • Step 2: Press and hold the reset button (red) for 5-8 seconds.
  • Step 3: Release the reset button.
  • Step 4: Attempt to turn on your electric golf cart. 

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Frequently asked question on Why Do Electric Golf Cart Runs Then Stops?

No doubt that electric golf carts are efficient. But this doesn’t mean they are beyond any issues. And so, people want to know a lot regarding their electric golf carts run and then stop. Let’s face some of them and answer below.

What Is The Life Of An Electric Golf Cart Battery? 

Depending on the type of battery, the lifetime can vary. However, you can expect to last your electric golf cart battery for 4-5 years. Now if appropriately maintained, it can last 10-12 years without any issues. 

Why Does My Electric Golf Cart Lose Power Going Uphill? 

Chances are there are not enough battery voltages. Plus, the dead batteries can also be a prominent reason. Untimely, the motor of your electric golf cart becomes faulty and causes the issue. 

Should I Charge My Electric Golf Cart Every Day? 

You don’t need to charge your electric golf cart every single day. Instead, you should charge your electric golf cart every time. In addition, you should fully charge the battery so that it won’t run out of charge while driving the cart.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Bad Controller Of An Electric Golf Cart?  

The replacement cost of a bad controller can vary based on the type of electric golf cart. However, you should spend $400-$800 in order to fix the controller of your electric golf cart. 

Final Words

You can avoid major issues with your electric golf cart by being careful about its maintenance. 

Moreover, ensure you don’t neglect the smallest of issues and fix them as soon as possible. You need to charge the battery at regular intervals. 

In addition, experts recommend not to drive an electric golf cart. Plus, whenever any issue arises, try to check it via professional mechanics.

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