Exploring the Oakmont Country Club: What Does Membership Cost?

Memberships at the Oakmont country club can range from $10,000 to $40,000+ yearly, depending on the membership category. Upon invitation, the applicator must pay an initiation fee. This fee can be paid upfront or after the preview period. 

Exploring the Oakmont Country Club. Being of such rich history, being a member of the Oakmont country club is of great privilege and honor. So, let’s explore more of the Oakmont country club and its memberships.

Exploring the Oakmont Country Club

Types of Memberships Oakmont Country Club Offers 

The Oakmont country club mainly offers three types of memberships. They are; Full Golf memberships, Social memberships, and Non-resident memberships. 

Each membership provides different privileges in the country club. As Oakmont country club is owned by its members, the membership owners are highly valued! 

For this reason, the club will do previews on the applicators before determining their eligibility for membership.  

You will receive a membership invitation if the club finds you fit for its private group. Here you would be given three options to choose from. 

Below is a detailed description of the privileges of each membership:  

1. Full Golf membership

The Full Golf membership comes in two types of its own. Firstly a regular membership. To be eligible, you would have to be of the age of 40 or above. 

And secondly, junior membership has four sub-categories. You must be between 23-29, 30-34, and 35-39 to be eligible for junior membership. 

Alongside full-unlimited access to the legendary 18-hole Oakmont golf course, you get full access to all of the club’s amenities with these memberships! 

This includes access to the club’s training grounds, social events, dining facilities, fitness and gym facilities, aquatic facilities, and all-new clubhouse facilities. 

Your spouse and children under the age of 23 will also be able to experience the membership privileges! 

2. Social membership

With a social membership, you can enjoy full access to all of the club’s amenities, such as social events, dining facilities, fitness and gym facilities, and aquatic facilities! 

However, you won’t get the golfing privileges similar to the Full Golf membership. 

But, as a guest of another Full Golf member, you can still enjoy the legendary Oakmont golf course once a month (guest fees apply). 

Again, your spouse and children will be able to experience the membership privileges. 

Social memberships are much less expensive than a Full Golf membership. However, the initiation fee must be paid in full upon application. 

3. Non-resident membership

To be eligible for either the Full Golf membership or the Social membership, you must be a resident living at least within a 100 miles radius of the country club.   

If not, you can still be a Non-resident member! Upon application, you will have to provide proof of residency. 

This membership is also hard to qualify for as the club handpicks special individuals. 

The members, along with their spouse and children under 23, will be able to enjoy most of the country club’s amenities. 

Non-resident members can also enjoy a total of 24 rounds per year on the golf course. Access to the training facilities is also part of this membership.  

oakmont country club membership cost

oakmont country club membership cost

The membership cost of the Oakmont country club is determined according to the membership type. 

The prices range from about $3000-36,000 on just the entrance or initiation fee. 

Other fees include monthly dues, capital reserve dues, and facilitation fees (if eligible).

Below is a more detailed description of the cost of an Oakmont country club membership. We have included the prices of each available membership category: 

1. Full Golf membership cost 

As the full golf membership allows full access to the Oakmont country club, it doesn’t come cheap! This individual membership is also the most valued membership on the list. 

And as this membership has four sub-categories, here’s a chart showing the costs in detail: 

Regular Membership

Eligibility (in age)$36,000
Initiation fee$36,000
Membership dues$815/month
Capital reserve dues$200/month
Practice Facility dues$30
Bag storage$15
Personal locker$30

Junior Membership

CategoriesJunior JuniorJunior
Eligibility (in age)34-3930-3423-29
Initiation fee$30,000$24,000$18,000
Membership dues$675/month$570/month$405/month
Capital reserve dues$150/month$100/month$75/month
Practice Facility dues$30$30$30
Bag storage$15$15$15
Personal locker$30$30$30

2. Social membership cost 

Social membership costs are significantly less than regular golf memberships. 

This is mainly because this membership does not come with full access to golf privileges. 

The prices are: 

  • Initiation fee: $4,000
  • Membership dues: $285/month 
  • Capital reserve: $40/month 

Social membership holders can enjoy the golf amenities by paying a green guest fee of $80-100. 

3. Non-resident membership cost 

As mentioned, the Oakmont country club offers its main memberships only to its residents. 

However, non-residents can enjoy most of the amenities with the non-resident membership! 

Here are the costs: 

  • Initiation fee: $12,000
  • Membership dues: $405/month
  • Capital reserve: $100/month 
  • Other facilities (practice ground, locker, bag storage): $15-30 (optional)

4. Other services and fees 

Now, let’s look at some services and fees that aren’t included in the membership packs. 

As these fees are optional, they apply to everyone apart from quarterly food costs. Here are the fees: 

  • Quarterly food minimum fees
  • Regular golf: $225
  • Junior golf (23-29): $112.50
  • Junior golf (30-34): $168.75
  • Junior golf (35-39): $225
  • Non-residents: 112.50
  • Social members: Not applicable 
  • Green Guest Fees: Weekdays: $80, weekends: $100
  • Women’s locker fees: Large: $20, small: $15
  • Cart fee: $20
  • Pushcart fee: $5 

Who is Eligible for an Oakmont Country Club Membership?

Who is Eligible for an Oakmont Country Club Membership

The Oakmont country club is extremely selective when it comes to memberships. 

As the club is owned by its members, the country club carefully investigates and reviews the candidates before offering memberships. 

The Oakmont country club prioritizes its residents living within a radius of 100 miles from the club. 

Even though non-resident memberships exist, the club only allows a select few to have them. 

The club will closely review your job security, stability, and overall condition, as they prefer long-term and reliable members. So, just having money doesn’t automatically qualify you for membership. 

Lastly, the club will ensure you’re able to bring value and class to the legendary country club, as it is considered golf royalty. 

Proper etiquette is critical if you wish to be a part of this legendary country club!  

Oakmont Country Club Essential Etiquette and Customs for Members

Oakmont Country Club Essential Etiquette and Customs for Members 

The Oakmont country club is considered royalty in the country club world, not only for its legendary golfing history but also for its members. 

Every member is carefully chosen to carry the country club’s legacy and heritage. 

And as with all royalty, the Oakmont country club has certain customs that you must follow and acquaint yourself with as a member. Here is a more detailed description: 

1. Dress code

Dressing appropriately is essential to be a part of the Oakmont country club. Usual modern golfing attire is allowed. 

However, jeans, denim clothing, sneakers, and uncollared t-shirts are strictly prohibited!  Here is the appropriate dress code according to the club: 

  • Collared shirts 
  • Mock turtlenecks 
  • Slacks or shorts (Can not be shorter than one inch above the knee)
  • Open-toed sandals or flip-flops (Only allowed in the pool area) 
  • Hats (Gentlemen are required to remove their hats in the clubhouse and porches) 
  • Hats should be positioned slightly forward.

2. Usage of electronics 

Electronic devices such as phones and i-pads are allowed on the club premises. 

However, devices other than i-pads are prohibited. Members are urged not to bring laptops or camera equipment. 

Mobile phone devices should always be put on silent and should be used discreetly. 

You can answer or place phone calls only in locker rooms, the phone booth, the pool phone area, or your vehicle at the parking zone. These rules apply to every member to minimize disturbance! 

3. No-smoking rules  

The club requests its members not to smoke in or around the premises of the country club itself as it is a completely no-smoking area. This includes the use of e-cigarettes as well. 

4. Time management and cart rules 

All members and guests must finish a round of golf in under 4 hours. Players are urged to pick up immediately after putts and to keep playing continuously to make space for other players. 

It is advised to avoid wasting time as much as possible. If the club employees approach you or your group, you must pick up the pace! 

As Oakmont is a walking course, be aware of your playtime. Cart arrangements can be made upon request. 

Members are requested to accompany their guests at all times. Your guests must be informed of the club’s rules and regulations. 

Why are Oakmont Country Club Memberships So Expensive?

Why are Oakmont Country Club Memberships So Expensive

By becoming a member of the Oakmont country club, you also become an owner of the club. 

So, not only are you enjoying the incredible service of the club, but you’re also helping it thrive. 

The club offers great value to its members. To be able to play at a championship golf course is not at all a small thing! 

But it gets even better with the training facilities, where you will be getting assistance from PGA professionals! 

Not only golf, but the tennis and swimming facilities of the club are state of the art and also offer training services! 

As a member, your children can also enjoy these amenities alongside the clubhouse services, such as food and cutlery services. 

Being one of the world’s most private and exclusive country clubs, getting an Oakmont membership isn’t easy. And while it may seem expensive, it’s in many ways justified. 

Can You Play at the Oakmont Country Club Without a Membership?

Can You Play at the Oakmont Country Club Without a Membership?

Yes! You can play at the Oakmont country club without a membership as a guest of a member. 

However, if you don’t know any members, visiting and enjoying the country club is nearly impossible as the club is exclusive to its members. 

Guest green fees are $80 on weekdays and $100 on weekends. You will have to pay this amount upfront upon visiting the club. 

While the member can experience most of the services for free, you must pay the guest amounts. 

Here is the guest information, where you will find all the rules and regulations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions?

In case you have any more questions left, here are some frequently asked questions about the Oakmont country club memberships: 

Can you host events at the Oakmont country club? 

Yes! The Oakmont country club offers one of the best event-hosting facilities around. With outstanding cutlery, well-mannered and trained service members, and a lovely open space location, the Oakmont country club is a great and secure place to host private events! 

Contact the Oakmont country club to book events right now!

Is the Oakmont country club open to the public?

Unfortunately, the Oakmont country club is not open to the public. The Oakmont country club is a private club that only allows guests when accompanied by a club member! The guests would have to pay a green guest fee.

Final Thoughts

If you are sent over the invitation letter to be a member of the Oakmont country club, please be sure to read it thoroughly. 

The expense, rules and regulations, and the overall process will all be included in the letter. 

Keeping the expenses aside, the membership is still one of many responsibilities! 

At Oakmont, the members are the owners. So, you must carry the class and values with you!

Reference: https://www.oakmontcc.com/

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