Why are Ping Eye2 Becu Irons So Expensive? [Explained] 

Ping Eye2 Irons are so expensive these are durable, have a futuristic design, and are very rare currently. So, people don’t hesitate to spend money to get one.

But if these clubs are so good, why are they banned? That’s an interesting story and the answer lies behind the design of these clubs. 

So, let’s see why these clubs are still so popular, and expensive and what’s the mystery behind banning them from tournaments.

Why are Ping Eye2 Becu Irons So Expensive

Why Are The Becu Ping Eye2 Irons So Expensive?

Ping Eye 2 BeCu is expensive due to some of its unique features and futuristic design. Here some of the properties that make these Irons stand out in the market are described. 

Functional classic design

The groove design of Ping Eye 2 BeCu resembles a very classic design and iconic feeling.

The Ping Eye 2 BeCu that had been manufactured before 1990 had square grooves. But later, they stopped producing square grooves. 

Currently, you may see “U” grooves and “V” groups Ping Eye iron available in the market though those are very old.

High-performing and durable

The club is made of beryllium and copper. Both of these materials are very high performing and long-lasting. Not only that, but these are also highly conductive. 

So, energy transfer between the clubhead and the ball is smoother and more efficient than in other clubs.

And about durability, there’s nothing to doubt since most Ping Eye 2 BeCu available these days are around 20-30 years old. Still, they are serving top-notch performance.

Advanced technology

In Ping Eye 2 Irons, the perimeter weighting design was introduced. This can be seen as a revolutionary design.

The weight of the club is distributed around the perimeter of the clubhead. As a result, the Moment of Inertia (MoI) of the club increases. 

That’s why the club becomes easier to hit the ball and make accurate shots. Also, for off-center shots, it is easier to handle the ball’s flight with such technology.

People still love this feature. Though modern clubs provide more convenient design and ball speed, that doesn’t affect the Ping Eye 2 BeCu. 

Unique features

The Ping Eye 2 is unique due to its “Dot Eye system” and “Cavity Back design”. 

After more than 30 years of the first introduction, these features are still popular among high handicappers and beginners as well.

The Ping Eye 2 came with two versions of the dot eye system including a black dot model and a red dot model. 

The black dot has a 1-degree angle and the red dot is neutral. This provides variation and improves the accuracy of shots.

Furthermore, the cavity back design is highly forgiving and provides more speed to the shots.

Forgiving and Accurate

The technology of Dot lie angle is not so available among modern clubs. This unique feature provides many flexibility that we’ve discussed earlier which includes forgiving on off-center shots.

The accuracy of shots is also greater compared to other clubs, no matter how skilled one is. So, people loved and still admire these Irons. 

Especially, handicappers can utilize the functions of this design to improve their scoring. So, the price always remained higher even years later. 

Stainless steel shaft demand

Many PGA professionals prefer the stainless steel shaft. And unlike the modern clubs that offer graphite or steel shafts, Ping Eye 2 is purely made of stainless steel. 

The soft feeling and resilient surface make it perfect for experimenting as well as consistent shots.

As a result, there is always a demand for Ping Eye 2 Irons since these are the only stainless clubs available from Ping that are made of steel. 

They also have experimented with titanium, nickel, carbon, etc. But as per demands, there’s not an adequate supply of Ping Eye 2 Irons since they stopped production in 1990. 

Though they released a limited edition of “Ping Eye 2 Retro” in 2017, still that wasn’t enough.

So, there’s always a high demand as well as a high price for Ping Eye 2 Irons.

Why Were Ping Eye 2 Banned?

Ping Eye 2 was banned in 2010 by the USGA and R&A claiming that the groove design provides unfair advantages to the player.

And this is not something they approve of as per their rulebook. The main fact lies with the non-conforming square groove design.

Due to this design, it is capable of producing extra spin to the ball. So, the overall shot becomes more aggressive than it used to be with a normal club.

That’s why they reported banning this club and eventually succeeded. However, not all of the  Ping Eye Iron is banned though. Many amateur tournaments still allow many Ping Eye Irons.

But mostly, the V-shaped groove design has replaced the square grooves. 

How Do You Tell U-Shaped Or V-Shaped Grooves On Ping Irons? 

There are some basic differences between U and V groove design. Let’s explore them in detail.

  • U grooves have deeper and sharper edges. Whereas V grooves are shallower and have a round edge. 
  • U grooves are generally not conforming. On the other hand, V grooves are always conforming, which means it resembles a symmetrical shape.
  • The USGA does not always approve U grooves due to their non-conforming design and unfair advantages of increasing the ball spin as per their rules. V grooves have no such issues. 

Are Ping Eye 2 Irons Still Good?

Even after years of the first introduction of Ping Eye 2 Irons, they are still good to play with and popular among many golfers. 

But since there are no new productions of the new Ping Eye 2, how good will the old ones be? Let’s see.

  • If there’s no rust on the iron and it was maintained well, then the Ping Eye 2 can still be high performing. Even many pro golfers like to play with an old Ping Eye 2.
  • The perimeter weighting technology enables it to stabilize off-center shots and offset hosel. That’s why the shots become more consistent and accurate. 
  • Due to the design and other key technologies that we’ve mentioned above, the Ping Eye 2 is capable of promoting more straight-ball flight. 
  • The dot lie angle system is very convenient for handicappers. It provides them the flexibility to differentiate shots from different angles and heights.
  • The stainless steel body provides a soft feeling while using the Iron. Due to its durable construction, it can still serve very well even after so many years.

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People often get confused about Ping Eye 2 Irons since there are so many different models and rules to use them. So, to make it clear let’s explain some queries. 

Do all Ping Eye 2 have square grooves? 

No. After 1990 Ping Eye didn’t produce any square groove clubs due to the USGA rules. So, not all the Ping Eye 2 have square grooves. Some modern clubs have a V-groove design.

When did they stop making Ping Eye 2? 

They stopped making Ping Eye 2 (square groove) in 1992. After that, no other square grooves were manufactured. This is due to the rules and banning of the Ping Eye 2 U- groove design due to some design issues.

Does anyone still use Ping Eye 2?  

Yes. Many beginners and high handicappers still use Ping Eye 2. The flexibility that these clubs provide is very beginner-friendly and also accurate shots. So, many golfers still prefer Ping Eye Irons.

How can you tell if a Ping iron is real? 

A fake Ping Iron club will be very glossy. Moreover, the genuine club is not as textured as the fake one. However, the color of a real and a fake one is also different which will be conspicuous once you see a real one.

Final words

Ping Eye 2 is so expensive because they still have some features that are rare even in modern clubs. 

If you want to improve your shots and gain more control over the flight and landing of the ball, these clubs are recommended. 

However, while participating in any tournaments, make sure they allow Ping Eye 2 BeCu to play with.

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