KBS S Taper vs. True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 Golf Shaft

If you are looking for the best golf shafts, we introduce you to the KBS s taper and x100 shaft. Shafts come in many different designs, club heads, and types.

So, finding the perfect match for yourself can be confusing. So, which is the best shaft for you between KBS S taper Vs x100?

Both golf shafts have various overviews, weights, and heights. This includes stiffs and extra stiffs. KBS S Taper has designed combinations of different labels, looks, and performances. On the other hand, incredibly skilled golf players can use X100 shafts with high performance.

Great confusion can occur in how golf players will control their golf shafts. Hence today, we are here to break down the differences between these two shafts completely and to find out which is the better option for you.

Overview of KBS S Taper

This is one of the smooth and straight tapers to feel among all golf shafts. It’s not about the day-night differences, but for higher ball flight, it’s one of the best choices. This taper helps in excellent performances for golfers.

Overview of X100 Shaft

This shaft is perfect for an excellent penetrating ball flight and optimum control and gives the best accuracy.

A golf player can have reasonable control while playing with these shafts. Your good performance will always be assured with the X100 shaft.

Kbs S Taper Vs X 100 Shaft: Comparison Chart

If we talk about both golf shafts, both has good quality. It is challenging for professional players to choose correctly between these two golf shafts. Here is the comparison chart.

SpeciesKBS S TaperX100
LooksSteel shafts with small KBS LabelExtra stiff with tighter tolerances
FeelStable and strong(Telephone feel)Smoothest
Weight95 g0.12 kg
Performance(Feedback)Standard( C-Taper)High qualified

What is the difference between KBS S Taper and x 100 shafts?

There are some distinctive differences between the KBS S Taper and the X100 shaft. So, our in-depth analysis below will help you find the answer to the debate about which is the best shaft for yourself.


To begin, the S-Taper is a standard chrome steel shaft that also comes in a black PVD finish. Furthermore, it has a few steps that you can touch with your fingertips and only see extremely faintly.

The x100, on the other hand, is built entirely of tough steel with a subtle gold color brand labeling in the center that looks nice.


KBS S taper has a stable and robust feel. In general, the irony-steel KBS S taper swings speedily with tempo-shifting styles.

But when it comes to X100, these shafts have the smoothest feels, and you will feel an even distribution of weight which feels nice on the hand.


One key factor to consider while buying Gold shafts is flex. So, now we will look at the flex difference between the KBS S Taper and X 100 Shaft.

FactorsKBS S TaperX 100
Flex TypeR, R+, S+, S, XX

The X 100 shaft has only one available option, X Flex, which means the extra stiff flex. So, if your driving swings average greater than 106 miles an hour, the X flex is for you.

But when it comes to KBS S taper, it comes with many different options to choose the flex from, starting from R to X. So, no matter what type of player you are, you can always find the best match.


The performance of these materials matters when it comes to qualified species. For various club heads, designs.

KBS S taper got the standard C-taper. You will be able to regulate trajectory and have a powerful flight with the S-Taper.

But, with the x100 shafts, you can always expect premium performance from knock-down shots to 110 percent swings.

FactorsKBS S TaperX 100
Launching styleLowerVery High
Spin ShaftLowHigh Spin
Ball flight styleHigherFlexible

Launching style

The playing performance for golf tapers always depends on the launching styles. Moreover, power frequency is also dependent on the launching style.

For KBS S taper, the launch is slower. Faster swinging golfers will benefit from the low launch style, which will assist them in attaining balanced ball flight for the highest achievable distance. 

The x100 shaft, on the other hand, offers a very high launch, allowing weaker swinging players to make flying shots for the greatest carry distance.

Spin Shaft

Spinning is an important criterion that determines the total ball flight. A higher spin will cause the ball to fly higher, whereas a lower spin will decrease ball flight.

So, The x100 has a high spin, which means it will have a higher ball flight than the KBS S taper, which has a low spin. 

Ball flight style

The ball flight style determines the comfort, highest, and most flexible way of playing. Although the KBS S taper produces a higher ball flight than the x100, it is still lower.

As a result, if you strike the ball high up in the air, the ball has a greater chance of flying as far as feasible. 

On the contrary, the x 100 shaft, on the other hand, will provide you with more shot versatility, allowing you to direct the ball flight in any manner you desire.

KBS S TAPER OR X100 SHAFT: Which One You Should Choose?

If we look at both shafts, both golf shafts have their own unique features. Now, if someone asks which golf shaft is better to choose according to the comparison and features, we will recommend the X100 shaft as this is smoother and standard and comes with extra stiffness.

It also offers high tolerances, which gives the smoothest feel. For highly qualified performances, a golf player can join the game. In many cases, the shaft irony types have both the irony standards.

In the case of irony standards, the launching style becomes very much towering high. As a result, the ball spin also becomes more privileged and sharper. 

The KBS S taper is more comfortable for any type of player. But for professional players, it won’t give that many qualified and comfortable playing shots like the x100 shaft.


This section is totally about the frequently asked questions. Read below to know more.

Is Both KBS S Taper And X100 Shafts Expensive?

None of these golf shafts are really that expensive when you compare the performance with the price. But, on the contrary, the X100 shaft is more composite and has better overall performance than the KBS S taper, thus making it more expensive than the S taper. 

KBS S Taper Vs X100 Shaft: Which One Is Heavier?

The X100 shaft is heavier. It comes at a weight of 0.12 kgs, typically heavier than 55-60 grams for men and 45-50 grams for ladies compared to the KBS S taper.
The main reason for the weight is the extra stiffs it is designed with, and furthermore, the heavy-duty steel construction adds further to the weight.

Which Brand Is Better: KBS S Taper Or X100 Shaft?

If we talk about brand styles, both have different categories. In case of better performance, we would prefer x100 shafts from the Dynamic Gold Series.
Because has a higher spin along with a higher launching style. In short, will give a better overall performance than the KBS S Taper.

Does KBS S Taper And X100 Beginner-Friendly Shaft?

Both of these shafts are beginner-friendly. However, for absolute beginners, they are not the best choice as these are designed for pros.
But still, if you want to get one of these shafts, we recommend getting the KBS S Taper, as it is a bit less stiff and will be easier to swing for amateurs.

Does KBS S Taper Have More Spin Than X100?

No, KBS has a lower spin than the x100. The spin in x100 is very high. So, with KBS, the ball will have a lower flight than with x100. So for low-range shots, KBS is a better choice.

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