Nippon Vs Project X Shaft: Which Is The Best Graphite Shaft?

When it comes to golf shafts, it becomes fairly tough to choose as they have a huge variety. Graphite shafts are pretty popular among players, and two such popular shafts are Nippon and Project X Shaft. So, what is the difference between Nippon Vs Project X Shaft?

The performance of both of these shafts is somewhat similar. However, Project X feels a bit stiffer and also harsher when compared to the Nippon graphite shafts. At the same time, the Nippon shaft feels softer and has a stiffer tip, and has more feedback than the Project X shaft.

So, if you are confused about which shaft is the perfect choice for you, we are here to clear your confusion. Today, in this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about these shafts to make the final decision. 

Overview Of Nippon Golf Shaft

The Regio Formula MB+ shaft, part of the Nippon graphite line, blends T1100G with the carbon fibers on the 7-axis and 9-axis all along the shaft.

Additionally, the tip region of the shaft experiences less distortion while swinging. Because of this shaft’s increased stability, you will notice significantly less head section twisting throughout swings.

An Overview Of Project X Golf Shaft

The Project X iron was created to assist golfers in keeping the golf ball down on iron strokes without excessive lift or high flights.

The Project X shaft is designed for golfers who use a higher aggressive iron swing and seeks to reduce your launch and spin statistics. The butt and tip parts are designed to be uniform across the set.

Nippon Vs Project X Shaft: Comparison Chart

Down below, we will look into the comparison between these two graphite shafts. To know more about these two shafts, take a quick look at our comparison chart below.

FactorsNipponProject X
Weight45, 55, 65, 75 grams105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130  grams
Length 46 inches37-41.5 inches
FlexRegular, stiff, X, SR flex5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0
Spin 2392 RPM2300 RPM
Launch AngleLowerHigher
Club SpeedMoreLess

What Are The Differences Between Nippon And Project X Shaft? 

By now, we have compared the Nippon and Project X graphite shafts, but that’s not enough to make the final decision. So, now we will see in-depth differences between them.


The golf shaft’s flex impacts your golf shot’s direction, precision, and range. A ball with a high spin rate and an excessively high flight path may result from too much flex. Finding the right flex for your shots is crucial, therefore.

Project X Flex

Flex Weight (grams)

Comparing the Flex of Project X and Nippon shafts, we can see that the Project offers much more flex options than the Nippon shaft. Thanks to this remarkable flex option, the Project X iron shafts manage the spin and range depending on the player type and requirements. Therefore, they offer a flex option for you regardless of your style of play.

Nippon Flex

FlexWeight (grams)
S51.5, 58.5, 68.5, 77.0 (depending on the model)
R49.5, 56.5
X60.5, 70.5, 79.0

The flex chart shows that the flex option is less for Nippon graphite shafts than the Project X. However, they do cover all ranges of the basic flex. Regardless of that, if you want more options, then Project X is a better choice. 


Another important consideration when choosing the ideal golf shaft for you is weight. A golfer’s swing can actually gain momentum by using heavier shafts since they can engage extra muscles. 

With a heavier shaft, the golf ball is much more prone to go low and with much less spin. But, with a lightweight shaft, the ball will often fly higher and spin more. 

Both Nippon and Project X provide a variety of weight possibilities, but Project X has the advantage because it provides bigger weights than the other one.


As a golfer, you must look into your shaft’s length. How long your shaft should be is always dependent on your height and other factors like your playing style. But, generally speaking, a shorter shaft will allow more control for you, and you will be able to hit a long distance with a shorter shaft.

The length of the Nippon shaft is 46.0 inches which is higher than the length of project X, which ranges from 37-41.5 inches. So, you can expect better control while playing with the Project X shafts.

Launch and Spin Angle

The launch and spin angle are interrelated stats in golf and are highly dependent on each other.

FactorsNipponProject X
Club Speed114.9 mph97.7 mph
Launch Angle10.8 degree12.8-degree

In general terms, with a higher launch angle, you can expect a higher distance on your golf swing even though the club speed of Project X is less than the Nippon, the overall higher launch angle and lower spin help it to achieve more distance at any time.

Nippon Or Project X Shaft: Which One Should You Choose? 

Well, graphite shafts are a somewhat new addition when compared to traditional steel shafts. But, they became popular in a short time due to their impressive performance, and hence Today, we discussed all the differences between Nippon and project X Graphite shafts.

Thus, Nippon Vs Project X shaft: which one should you choose? There is a huge debate about which is the best among these graphite shafts. But, from our intense research and review, we can say that Project X surpasses Nippon in many ways. 

The Project X offers lower spin with a higher carry distance and also provides impressive control. Even though we suggest buying Project X shafts, Nippon shafts are in no way a bad option either; they are just not as good as Project X.


Down below, we will look into a few FAQs. We hope that these questions/answers will further clear out your confusion about our discussion Today.

Is Nippon Heavier Than Project X Shaft?

Answer: No, the Nippon graphite shaft weighs less than Project X. Project X has a much higher weight ranging from 105-130 grams compared to a range of 55-75 grams for Nippon. Heavier shafts play a great advantage in golf swings ensuring the ball can travel a longer distance.

Which Has A Longer Length: Nippon Or Project X Shaft?

Nippon has a longer length of 46 inches compared to the 37-41.5 inches for Project X. Shorter golf shafts are easier to play with, and they offer more control over the ball compared to the longer shafts.

Are Project X And Nippon Beginner Friendly Shafts?

Yes, both of these shafts are beginner-friendly, and they are designed to offer a low spin efficiently. These shafts also offer a high launch maximizing the carry distance for the golf ball. Both professionals and beginners will enjoy these golf shafts.

Which Has A Higher Launch Angle: Nippon Or Project X?

The Nippon has a lower launch angle of 10.8 degrees compared to the 12.8-degree launch angle of Project X. Thus, project X will have a much higher carry distance than the Nippon graphite shafts.

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