What is the best 48 volt golf cart battery charger? [10 chargers]

Getting the right battery charger is crucial in ensuring good battery life on your golf cart battery. Because a low-quality battery charger can easily ruin the battery, lower the durability of the battery or even damage it beyond repair.

48-volt is the most average voltage count for golf cart batteries. Keeping up with that, we bring you a list of the best 48-volt golf cart battery chargers. Let’s go ahead and check out these ten amazing battery chargers to protect your golf cart’s battery life.

What is the best 48 volt golf cart battery charger

Tips For Extending The Life Of Your 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery

Using a good quality charger is surely a key factor in prolonging the battery life of your golf cart. But apart from that, there are several tips you can follow along to extend the lifespan of a 48-volt battery.

Check out these helpful tips below –

  • Don’t let the battery run out of voltage till it’s empty
  • Avoid overcharging your golf cart battery
  • Try protecting the battery from dirt buildup and corrosion as much as possible.
  • Ensure the battery is fully charged after you use it for a while.
  • Following a proper maintenance routine is very crucial for extending battery life.
  • When watering the batteries, make sure to use distilled water.
  • Keep watering the batteries frequently.
  • Use the battery as often as you can.
  • Maintain proper storage methods to retain battery life.

Following up on these tips can help out to some extent in extending the battery life. But all of it goes to void if the battery and the charger are of low quality. 

That’s why ensuring you get a high-quality battery and use a top-notch charger to charge it is important.

Best 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger?

The battery chargers you will find in this list are all suited for 48-volt batteries and have quality components. So you won’t have to worry too much about the charger damaging your battery.

Major differences in the chargers are in their features and the value they can offer. Get the charger that meets your requirements the best –

1. FORM 15 AMP EZGO RXV & TXT Battery Charger – Best overall 

If you are looking for a charger with portability and power, this can be the perfect pick for you. This charger from FORM has all the features you need in a battery charger that offers convenience.

Starting with the power, you get 15 AMPs on it to charge your batteries quickly. With its smart 7-stage charging technology, you won’t have to sit there and wait for the battery to be fully charged. It stops charging the battery as soon as it’s done.

What makes the charger great is the portability factor. It has a weight of 5.5 lbs in total, making it easy to move around your house and garage easily. And if you want to keep it in one place, you can also wall mount it on a specific wall.

Coming to the build quality of the charger, all you can expect is a solid build on this one. The charger features a weather resistance rating of IP67. It means dust and water damage will never be of any concern to you with this charger by your side.

On top of everything else, you get a very long cord with a battery charger for added convenience. The charger doesn’t need to be cramped to charge your golf cart batteries.


  • Very easy to move around
  • Convenient long cord
  • Rapid charging feature
  • Smart charging standby mode
  • Great value for money


  • Connector is not that sturdy
  • Can cause issues after a year

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2. Revenge Golf Cart Parts & Accessories 15 AMP High-Speed Club Car Battery Charger

Revenge Golf Cart Parts & Accessories 15 AMP High-Speed Club Car Battery Charger
Source: Revenge Golf Parts

When it’s about charging your batteries safely and quickly, the Revenge golf cart charger is surely a top contender for that. It comes with features that charge your golf batteries within a short time, and they can also ensure the battery’s longevity.

For starters, the charger has 15-amp of power, enabling it to charge a 48-volt battery very quickly. It has a 3-pin round plug that should work with almost any 48-volt golf cart battery with a round socket.

Its intelligent charging system is the feature that elevates the charger to a new level. It will lower the charger’s amperage whenever your batteries are close to fully charging. This helps you avoid overcharging and draining your batteries for better longevity of the battery.

A unique feature of this charger is its ability to detect onboard computers on a cart. Sometimes your regular charger may not work with your golf cart batteries due to a faulty OBC. But with this charger, you can charge batteries even if they have a non-working OBC.

On top of everything else, using the charger is very simple. Even if you have no experience working with a golf cart battery charger, you won’t have trouble operating it using the instructions. And it comes with great safety features to back you up as well.


  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry
  • Packs enough power for rapid charge
  • Smart charging feature to avoid overcharging
  • Excellent OBC detection support
  • Resistant to water and dust


  • Tech support isn’t that great
  • The charger is a bit noisy

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3. Revenge 48volt 17amp Golf Cart Battery Charger with EZ-Go RXV connector – Best for speed 

Revenge 48volt 17amp Golf Cart Battery Charger

Here’s another charger from Revenge, but this one comes with even more power than the previous one. So, if you are looking for a charger with some extra power, this one might be the perfect thing for your golf cart batteries.

The first factor to go for this one has to be its 17 Amp power. With this power on the battery charger, you can expect to charge your batteries to 80% within moments. Thanks to the equalization stage, it helps increase the charging capacity to a proper 100% state of charge.

Along with the power, you also get a pretty solid build quality on the charger. You get top-notch weather resistance on the charger with a rating of IP67.

So, you won’t have to worry about dust, water, or vibration damage being an issue on this charger.

Another thing to love about the battery charger is that you don’t need to keep it close to the outlet. It comes with a 16-foot extendable cord that doesn’t involve tangling issues, either.

Topping things off comes the meter on the front part of the charger. Using the meter, you can easily have an idea of the charging status of your battery. It’s a very handy feature to have, for sure.


  • Very solid build quality
  • Compatible with a lot of 48-volt batteries
  • Powerful for quick charging
  • Resistant to dust and water
  • Features smart charging abilities


  • The indicator LEDs may be faulty at times
  • Customer service can be disappointing

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4. Golf Cart King 48 Volt 17 Amp Yamaha G19 & G22 Golf Cart charger

Golf Cart King 48 Volt 17 Amp

For any Yamaha Golf cart owners, this golf cart battery charger can be the best option to replace your original battery chargers.

The components and engineering of this charger make it the most suitable pick for a Yamaha golf cart.

First, it’s a 17 AMP charger which makes it a pretty easy-to-use charger due to the standard 20 Amp outlet in most houses.

Also, this kind of power allows you to charge your batteries faster than a typical 15 AMP battery charger.

After using the charger, you can notice a significant difference in your golf cart performance even with the older battery.

You can get about 8 to 10 miles on your golf cart charger when you use this charger with the same battery.

Getting assurance from Golf Cart King is also a huge advantage to this golf charger. Their immaculate customer service always gives reassurance to the users about quality support. That just makes the battery chargers even more reliable.

Something that makes it a lot more appealing is the price of the charger. This one can cost you much less than you would expect from chargers with similar specifications. And for the quality, the price is very much reasonable, since you get great value out of it.


  • Performs as well as OEM chargers
  • Very easy to setup and use
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Boosts up golf cart performance significantly
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not compatible with all batteries
  • The 2-pin might be an issue for some outlets

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5. Revenge Golf Cart Parts & Accessories 15 AMP Yamaha G29 Drive & Drive 2 Battery Charger

48V 15 AMP Yamaha G29 Drive

If you have a Yamaha Drive series golf cart in your home, you might want to get this charger as an OEM replacement. Everything goes well with the Yamaha Drive series batteries, from the build quality, mechanism, and engineering to the features.

One of the best benefits of using the charger is that your battery retains the charge for a long time. Even though it’s 15AMP, it can still charge your battery quickly.

Speaking of charging, it comes with smart charging features as well. This means whenever the battery is fully charged, the charger will stop charging to stop the battery from draining. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about overcharging your batteries anymore.

Another aspect that may impress you a lot is the heavy-duty build of the charger. It’s not just limited to the exterior; the charger is also resistant to water and dust with an IP67 rating. That helps you not worry too much about any water or dust causing damage to the battery charger.

Something that makes using the charger very easy is its indicator lights and voltmeter.

They made both these components easy to understand so that even beginners would know what was happening. And with their quick customer service, usability should never be difficult with this one.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Automatically stops when fully charged
  • Charges battery quite fast


  • It’s very heavy to move around
  • The cord could be a bit longer

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6. Fat Cat Golf Battery Charger, Lester Links Series, 48V/13A Club Car PowerDrive Plug – Best for durability

Fat Cat Golf Battery Charger

For anyone who is very new to using third-party battery chargers for their golf cart batteries, this charger can be a good pick.

It has a great instruction manual and excellent customer support to back you up. Starting from the setup to using the charger, everything is easy.

The charger ensures better battery capacity and longevity with its microprocessor controllers.

These controllers are very advanced and provide reliable support to the charger, which also transmits quality to the batteries.

Storing the battery in winter will never be a concern for you at all. The charger comes with winter storage mode, protecting it from the cold weather effect.

With this charger, you won’t have to think about overcharging or undercharging your battery. That helps out a lot in protecting your battery from any kind of internal damage, for sure.

While it may not have extra power like the other chargers, it still consistently puts out about 13AMP power.

The power is enough to charge your batteries at a normal speed and retain charge for quite a while.


  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Very responsive customer service
  • Winter storage feature
  • Smart charging system enabled
  • High-quality build


  • The charger is a bit large
  • It gets a bit too noisy

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7. Traktronix Supercharger EZGO RXV & TXT Battery Charger for 48 Volt Golf Carts

Traktronix Supercharger

If you are not bothered about the time it takes to charge your battery and want to save some money, then this charger might be it.

The golf cart battery charger from Traktronix comes with pretty handy features at a reasonable price to pay for it.

The most interesting feature of this battery charger is the 3-stage smart charging facility with trickle mode enabled.

This feature allows the charger to stop charging your battery as soon as it’s fully charged. Thus, you will never end up overcharging your batteries and damaging them.

Using the charger becomes much easier and more convenient thanks to its digital display.

It shows your battery’s voltage output and charging status on a digital display. You won’t have to wonder whether the charger is effectively working anymore.

Another benefit you get with this charger is its long cord. It has a 15-foot-long cord attached, which is enough to conveniently charge your golf cart batteries.

Moving this charger around your place is one of the easiest things to do. The charger weighs about 4.44 lbs, making it very lightweight, and you can take it wherever you want without any trouble.


  • Digital display helps track charging status
  • Features smart charging modes
  • Long cable for convenience
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t include any instructions
  • No rapid charging option

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8. Abakoo 48V 15A Golf Cart Battery Charger

Abakoo 48V 15A Golf Cart Battery Charger

The Abakoo 48V golf cart battery charger is just a combination of quality, smartness, and affordability. All the features packed in this charger provide great value and ensure longevity in your golf cart batteries.

Rapid charging is one of the key features of this battery charger. With 15AMP power, it can charge a regular golf cart battery within a very short time.

The charger uses a three-prong connector, so make sure you check it out before getting this battery.

Convenience is another strong suit of this battery charger. Firstly, the charger is lightweight, weighing about 9 lbs and 50% lighter than usual. Then, there is the handle to make it even more convenient to carry around.

Along with that, you also get the trickle charging mode on the charger. It automatically goes into the trickle charge mode so the charger doesn’t overcharge or undercharge your battery.

Also, the float charge feature on the battery charger extends the battery performance. To top everything off, the die-cast aluminum case gives the charger a solid construction.

Durability should never be your concern with the build on this one. And when you add the IP68-rated weather resistance, you get more durability assurance.


  • Charges battery quickly
  • Easy to carry around
  • Automatic shuts off charging
  • Very much durable
  • Value for money


  • Not compatible with every cart
  • The cord is a bit too short

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9. Ebusin 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger

Ebusin 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger

When saving money with your golf cart battery charger while expecting value, this is a great charger to have.

It comes at a very low price compared to other chargers with similar features. The overall value it provides is impressive, for sure.

What keeps this charger ahead of the competition is its quick charging ability. With a 900w power and 15 AMP current rating, you can expect the charger to charge your 48-volt golf cart battery within 4 to 7 hours. That’s an impressive feat to achieve, for sure.

It’s not just limited to quick charging; you also get smart charging features on the charger.

There is a trickle charging ability that simply turns off the charger as soon as the battery is fully charged. But if the battery charge starts to drop, it resumes charging the battery until it’s full.

The lightweight and compact nature of the charger is also worth praise. With a weight of 5.5 lbs, you will never have to worry about moving the battery charger around your house that much. And with the 13-foot cable, you won’t need a power outlet close to the charger either.

Ebusin tries to reassure its customers with a three-month return guarantee and a three-year warranty.

And the best part is both the guarantee and warranty are free, so you won’t have to constantly worry about the charger.


  • Charges batteries very fast
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with clear instructions
  • Suitable for most 48-volt club carts
  • Smart charging feature


  • Not the best durability
  • No weather resistance rating

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10. Eseegoo 15A Golf Cart Battery Charger

Eseegoo 15A Golf Cart Battery Charger

Now, this is a golf cart battery charger only suitable for anyone owning an EZGO TXT or RXV with a 48-volt battery.

It’s the perfect replacement for their OEM charger with all its handy features and excellent quality components.

For starters, the charger has a 15 AMP current rating, which allows it to charge the battery significantly faster.

Once the charging is complete, it goes to float mode, which helps the battery achieve better performance and longer life.

Also, the battery charger has an IP68 weather resistance rating. With such resistance to water and dust, you don’t have to worry about any of these things damaging the battery charger. You can freely use the charger even if there is too much water or dust around.

To prevent overcharging or undercharging your battery, the charger features the trickle charging mode.

So, whenever the battery is fully charged, the charger automatically stops charging the battery. A pretty handy feature to have, for sure.

Coming to the build quality aspect of the charger, it’s a pretty solid build with die-cast iron construction.

It also has silver aluminum fins, which work as a heat sink technology to prevent overheating problems with the charger and keep it cool.


  • Helpful LED indicators
  • Quick charging ability
  • Durable build quality
  • Great value for money
  • Advanced charging features


  • Customer support isn’t good at all
  • Not compatible with all cart batteries

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger

When you are out there shopping for a 48-volt golf cart battery charger, you have to go through some factors.

Considering these factors can guide you toward the perfect battery charger based on your needs. So, let’s take a look at the factors you need to think about –


Since we are talking about only 48-volt chargers, you won’t have to consider the voltage here.

For the power, you should mostly focus on the AMP rating of your charger. A higher AMP rating means the charger can charge your 48-volt battery much faster.

Usually, try to get a charger with an AMP rating of 15 or more. With such a rating, you can expect to charge your golf cart batteries within 3-7 hours. Anything lower than that will require more time, for sure.

Plug type

Of course, you have to consider the plug type of the charger and see whether it’s compatible with your battery. There is no better choice here.

If your battery requires a 2-prong, you go for that. And if your battery requires a 3-prong, you go for a 3-pin plug.

Smart charging modes

Having the smart charging mode on your battery charger can be very crucial. It allows the charger to shut off when the battery is fully charged, preventing overcharging.

You can also find chargers with trickle charging mode, which stops charging when the battery is full. But if the battery level goes below a certain level, it resumes charging automatically.

With these features on your charger, you can expect a longer battery life and improved battery performance.

Weather resistance

It’s not a necessity, but having a charger that is weather resistant can always be helpful.

Especially if you like to take the charger outside where there can be water and dust causing damage to the charger, this feature helps out a lot.

Typically, having a weather resistance rating of IP67 works out quite well.

Display and indicators

For ease of usage, you can always depend on some display indicators or LED indicators. It just gives you an idea of whether the charger is working properly.

Size and weight

It’s always better to look for a compact charger that is lightweight as well. This way, you can carry it around wherever you go, making it easy to store.

But don’t sacrifice the build quality too much to get a lighter-weight charger. Try to balance both.

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Still, have some questions in your mind? Well, then check out some popular questions people tend to ask about 48-volt golf cart battery chargers.

How do I know if my golf cart requires a 48-volt battery charger?

Check your battery first to know if your golf cart requires a 48-volt battery charger. If the battery has four holes and six batteries, you need a 48-volt charger. The numbers can also be six holes and four batteries.

Can I use a 48-volt charger on a 36-volt golf cart battery?

No, it’s best not to use a 48-volt charger to charge a 36-volt cart battery. Using the 48-volt charger can fry the components of a 36-volt battery due to a higher voltage count as they put out more volts each phase.

How long does it take to fully charge a 48-volt golf cart battery?

Well, using a standard charger with a 10 to 12 AMP rating can take about 6 to 9 hours. But if you use a 15 to 18-volt charger, it takes about 3 to 7 hours to charge a battery.

Final Words

Finishing things off, now you know how the best 48-volt golf cart battery charger works out. Most of the battery chargers here will provide you with quality and give you a longer battery life.

Among these 10 choices, FORM 15 AMP EZGO RXV & TXT Battery Charger is the best option considering the value you get from it. You can still check out the other ones as well.

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