Apple Watch For Golf Vs Garmin: Which One to Choose?

A golf watch is a wearable device designed to help golfers improve their game by providing helpful information and tracking performance metrics. These watches typically come with GPS functionality, allowing golfers to measure distances to the green and hazards accurately. Apple and Garmin are the two most popular watches in this sector.

The primary distinctions between these two watches are their functionality, battery life, and specific features. While the Apple watch does have some user-friendly functions, Garmin also offers several attractive features that every golfer desires.

This is not all; you should also consider several minor distinctions between these two watches. So, continue reading to find out which is more suitable for you.

Apple Watch For Golf Vs Garmin

Overview Of Apple Watch For Golf

For golfers who want to track their progress on the field, the Apple Watch has become an increasingly common device. Its features might aid golfers in improving their game and tracking their performance.

It delivers precise GPS tracking and distance measurements to the green and hazards.

Furthermore, it can be utilized to track your fitness, which is beneficial for keeping a close eye on and enhancing your general health and well-being. 

While it has several appealing qualities, you should evaluate its advantages and features to your needs and preferences before purchasing.

Overview Of Apple Watch For Golf

Overview Of Garmin Watch For Golf 

Garmin is a well-known exercise and sports equipment brand, and its GPS smartwatches are popular among golfers.

Professional golf players and athletes worldwide utilize their watches and other devices for golf, running, exploration, cycling, fitness, and more. Its usability is unmatched, and its accuracy is renowned.

You may browse more than 40,000 maps of golf resorts worldwide using the larger, sunlight-readable, easy-to-view display of their watch. This watch comes with numerous extra shot-enhancing functions. 

Furthermore, this smartwatch is compatible with various golf applications, allowing players to measure their performance and exchange statistics with other players.

Overview Of garmin

Apple Watch For Golf Vs Garmin: Quick Comparison Table 

To comprehend which watch is perfect for you, you might have to look at a straight comparison of their specifications. Take a glance at the below comparison between an Apple watch and a Garmin.

FeatureApple WatchGarmin Watch
Display Retina LTPO or OLED Transflective LCD ( sunlight-visible)
PlatformWatchOSGarmin OS
Strap material Polyester or nylon with titanium, Fluoroelastomer with stainless steel or titaniumSilicone
Lens material Ion-X glass or SapphireChemically strengthened glass
Weight30g to 62g32g to 55g
Golf GPSYesYes
Smartwatch FeaturesYes, with a range of third-party appsLimited, but with some basic smartwatch features.
Golf Course DatabaseYes (but not too much)Yes, (with a larger database)
Golf Shot TrackerYesYes, (but with more advanced features)
Golf Swing AnalysisYes, with third-party appsYes, with advanced swing analysis features
Voice AssistanceSiriGarmin Voice Commands
Virtual Coach$79.99 annually or $9.99/monthFree
Water ResistanceUp to 50 metersUp to 100 meters
CompatibilityOnly with iOS devicesWorks with both Android devices and iOS 
Mobile PaymentsApple PayGarmin Pay
Battery LifeMaximum 36 hoursMaximum 50 days, (certain versions last longer).
NavigationGoogle MapsDetailed topographic maps
Fitness TrackingYesYes (but includes specific fitness features) 
Price RangeFrom $200 to $1700From $150 to $800

What Are The Differences Between Apple Watch For Golf And Garmin? 

Several alternatives are on the market for picking the best smartwatch for golf. But the Apple and Garmin watches are two of the most popular smartwatches among these possibilities. 

Although both of these watches have features intended exclusively for golfers, there are some key differences between them. 

This section will examine the six most significant distinctions between the Apple Watch for Golf and Garmin.

Design and Build Quality

First of all, Apple and Garmin differ in terms of design and construction quality. Apple has a thin, contemporary square-shaped display, while Garmin watches have a more traditional circular display. 

When it comes to building quality, Garmin watches are renowned for their toughness and durability, but the Apple Watch is known for its attention to detail and excellent build quality. This enables Garmin watches to be more appropriate for outdoor activities.

Golf Tracking 

golf tracking

The second most important distinction lies in golf tracking capabilities. Garmin and Apple Watch include features for maintaining scores, calculating distance, and tracking shots. 

Garmin, however, offers more sophisticated golf monitoring capabilities, including club tracking and automated shot identification. These features are absent from the entry-level Apple Watch, though.


Comparisons of the battery life of the Apple Watch and the Garmin watch are unfair. The Apple Watch Series 8 can run for around a day on a single charge, and the latest Apple Watch Ultra may operate for up to 36 hours under standard conditions. 

On the other hand, the Garmin watches have a much longer battery life, ranging from 7 to 15 days, depending on the settings, fitness tracking, and other variables.

The Garmin watches designed for jogging or playing golf can offer longer battery life in this situation.

Mapping and Navigation

Apple Watches have GPS built in for recording outdoor activities, but Garmin is a better option if you need a watch that can accurately navigate trails. 

In addition to providing route tracking and breadcrumb trails, the Garmin Fenix lets you explore topographical maps.

Though Apple watches support Google Maps navigation, they are still useless for hiking and trail running.


Apple is renowned for being pricey, which is also true of its watches. Garmin’s devices have always been produced at an extremely high level, and their costs have always been high. But which price is appropriate?

The price range of the Apple Watches is $250 to $1700, which is exponentially costly. But you’ll have a broader range of cheap and relatively better options when looking for a Garmin watch. 

Their prices begin at $150 and go up to $800, which, although still pricey, are relatively reasonable compared to Apple’s prices.

Fitness, health, and tracking

fitness, health and tracking

These watches come in several variants, all of which can measure various types of exercises and sleep along with your heart rate, steps, and calories burnt. 

But, when it involves health monitoring, Apple is still a good option. They provide ECG level heart rate tracking and also temperature tracking.

But in terms of sleep, Garmin often offers more in-depth sleep phase analysis and nighttime SpO2 readings, whereas Apple Watch focuses more on creating a sleep pattern and regular sleep goal. 

With watchOS 9, however, the Apple Watch also offers a sleep monitoring feature, shows your sleep phases, and records your nighttime respiration rate.

Yet, Garmin does provide certain additional benefits that Apple’s watch does not. For example, Garmin watches can check your body’s batteries and detect stress. 

Also, they offer a comprehensive Snapchat app for health. So, if you’re a competitive racer, golfer, or pushing your abilities, Garmin can assist you.

Apple Watch For Golf Or Garmin: Which Watch To Choose When Golfing?

So, from the above-mentioned discussion, you might have a clear idea about these two watches.

Between the two, we will advise you to select a Garmin watch. Garmin has all the necessary options that any golfer could ask for. 

Though Apple watches offer several essential features for golf players, they are not always accurate.

Apple watches weren’t designed with outdoor athletes like golfers in mind. However, Garmin makes a number of watches for golfers or athletes who play outside. 

Also, Garmin watches support both IOS and Android devices, but Apple watches won’t support Android devices.

Because of this, using Garmin watches with your Android or iOS devices is simple. Therefore, stop wasting time looking and get a Garmin watch right away.


After reading this essay, you might still have some questions. We did our best to address the most common queries in this area. Go over this FAQ to get the answers you need.

How Accurate Are Golf Course GPS Tracking On Apple And Garmin Watches?

Garmin watches, such as the Approach S62 and S42, are particularly built for golfers and provide more exact distances to the green and hazards.

But, Apple watches rely on third-party applications for golf course monitoring; thus, accuracy is dependent on the app’s quality.

How Much Warranty Time I’ll Get From Apple Watch And Garmin Watch?

In general, both brands provide a one-year limited warranty on their smartwatches. But, depending on the particular model and the location of purchase, their warranty periods might change. The warranty will cover any flaws in components or manufacturing.

Can I Track My Golf Game With One Of These Watches Without Using My Smartphone?

Sure, you can monitor your golf game without a smartphone using the Apple Watch or the Garmin watch.

They include GPS capabilities that let you monitor shots, calculate distances, and enter scores right from your watch.


Early on, the main functions of smartwatches were to show the time and receive alerts. But as technology has developed, they have become considerably more sophisticated and feature-rich. 

Several smartwatches, like those from Apple and Garmin, also offer water-resistant features that allow users to use them while bathing or engaging in other water sports. As a result, their selling quantity has also increased.

In 2021 alone, Apple sold more than 40 million Watches, totaling more than 195 million since the release of Series 1.

According to Strategy Analytics, in 2021, Garmin will have sold over 1.5 million watches. Basically, these watches have their own unique features, and they have their own fan bases.

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