Callaway Mavrik vs. Flash | Which Golf Driver to Choose?

It is always crucial to look for the best golf driver. With the right club, you can take your golf-playing experience to the next level. To make things easy for you, Callaway offers a few decent types of drivers that will boost your golfing performance.

Callaway Mavrik and Flash are two of the most high-performing golf drivers. Consequently, both golf drivers are well reputable for faster speed, advanced technology, improved MOI, and more. 

However, when it comes to Mavrik vs Flash, the Epic Flash comes with adjustable weight, whereas the Mavrik doesn’t.

But, wait a minute. We have just mentioned a different point between Callaway Mavrik and Epic Flash. As you tend to choose one over another for yourself, you should know more information regarding the golf drivers.

Overview of the Mavrik Driver

The most important fact regarding the Callaway Mavrik is that it has better forgiveness. Well-known golfers like Xander Schauffele also prefer this golf driver.

It is made with  FS2S titanium, resulting in a good combination of speed and accuracy. Also the Flash Face SS20 makes the driver more superficial than others.

It is, however, renowned for greater MOI. The Cyclone aero head shape design covers longer distances and makes it easier to play better golf shots.  

Moreover, the Mavrik plays a prominent role in reducing drag. In addition, with the Mavrik, the golfers will find a lot of ease hitting the ball.

Overview Of Flash Driver

Golfers looking forward to having more weighting adjustability with their golf drivers should choose the Callaway Epic Flash.

Furthermore, this type of golf driver also comes with decent forgiveness and helps players of all kinds.

Like the Mavrik, the Flash driver also has flash face technology. Besides, you will find a pretty straight ball flight with the driver.

It is made with Jailbreak Bars technology, making the driver even more exceptional. On top of that, the Epic Flash is regarded as one of the high launching golf drivers.

Mavrik Vs Flash Driver: Comparison Chart 

Now, we will show you a comparison chart below regarding Callaway Mavrik and Epic Flash. The head-to-head comparison fact will provide you a decent knowledge about the drivers. 

Designcyclone aero shape (450-460 cc)elongated crown(460 cc)
Loft Options9°, 10.5°,12°9°, 10.5°,12°
Spin RateLowerHigher
Club head speedHigherMedium
Adjustable weighingNoYes
Ball SpeedHigherLower
Material‎FS2S titaniumT2C triaxial carbon fiber
PriceAround $400Around $250
Model Year20202019

What Are the Differences Between Callaway Mavrik vs Callaway Epic Flash Driver?

After having some idea from the above chart, we can now dig deeper to compare the Mavrik and the Flash. As a result, you will be able to know the difference between the drivers more precisely. 


When looking forward to buying a golf driver, the first thing you should notice with the drive is forgiveness.

You should get a golf driver that provides more forgiveness. However, in this sense, you will have better forgiveness with the Mavrik.

The new flash face SS20 and the Jailbreak technology make the driver more forgiving. On the other hand, you will also get impressive forgiveness from the Callaway Epic Flash too.

It may not be as forgiving as the latest Morvik drivers, but golfers may feel enough satisfaction with the forgiveness it provides. 

Ball Speed

When comparing ball speed between the Mavrik and Flash, the Mavrik wins the race again. Nonetheless, with a combination of new cyclone aero-shaped Jailbreak technology, the Mavrik produces more ball and club head speed. Besides, the new Mavrik is a master in reducing drag by around 20% with low spin.

On the other hand, the Epic flash will also not make you feel frustrated regarding ball speed. The smaller head of Epic Flash comes with advanced flash face technology to ensure satisfying ball and club speed.

Furthermore, the new New Triaxial Carbon crown also makes the Epic Flash stand just behind the line with the Mavrik.


Adjustability plays a massive role in determining whether a golf driver is suitable for a specific class of people or not. However, you can have more adjustable features with the Epic Flash compared to the Mavrik.

The premium weighing of the Epic Flash allows better adjustments for draws, fades, or launches.

You can also adjust the loft and lie comprehensively with the Epic Flash driver. As a result, this driver is top-notch when it comes to adjustability. 

In the case of the Mavrik driver, you won’t get that level of adjustability that you can get from the Flash.

But then again, the Mavrik driver is suitable for any type of golfer though it doesn’t have any adjustable hosel.


It’s pretty obvious to look forward to having a well-designed golf driver. Therefore, you can be satisfied with how Callaway designed the Mavrik and Epic Flash.

In terms of Mavrik, it’s a bit unique and comes with an ‘aero cyclone shaped’ The driver is usually orange in color, but there’s a scope for color customization as well. Nonetheless, the face of the Mavrik is slightly thinner than the Epic Flash. 

On the other hand, the Epic Flash also comes with a fascinating design with a bold “Epic” logo splashed across the center.

Besides, the advanced AI-based flash face makes the golf driver look the best. It also comes with a sliding weight. 

Sound and Feel

You will find major differences in sound and feel as we are in a debate between Callaway Mavrik and Flash. The Mavrik provides fantastic solid sounds like ‘whack’ is a great feeling. 

More precisely, you can have richer and deeper sound with the Mavrik. Consequently, you don’t need to hit so hard to get the expected swing speed. This is another specialty of Mavrik. 

On the contrary, you can feel amazing when you hit the sweet spot with the Epic Flash driver. Talking about the sound, it is neither too hollow nor too muted.  

Mavrik vs Flash Driver: Which One Should You Choose?

We believe you are now at a point where you can choose which golf driver is suitable for you. First, there is no significant performance gap; if you think deeply, you can understand this.

But it’s all about a few different circumstances.  You can go with the Mavrik if you are a beginner and need a higher MOI and better forgiveness.

Similarly, if you want to have a bit more ball speed and weighting adjustability, you should go with the Epic Flash. In addition, the Epic Flash is more affordable than the Mavrik.

Besides, in terms of distance, the Mavrik also beats the previous model Callaway Epic Flash. So, it’s all up to you as both have pros and cons. No matter which golf driver you buy, you will get the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this part of the article, we will answer the most frequent questions people ask about the difference between Mavrik and Flash. We hope the answers will help you a lot. 

What Is More Forgiving Between Marvcik And Flash?

Both types of drivers are famous for proving the best forgiveness. But, you will have more forgiveness with the Callaway Mavrik compared to the Callaway Epic Flash. As all three models of Mavrik come with cyclone aero shape, they can generate low spin and high launch and effectively produce the best forgiveness.

Is Mavrik Faster Than Flash?

Yes, the drivers of Mavrik are faster than the Callaway Epic Flash. You can have more speed with the Mavrik than the Epic Flash. However, Mavrik is the slightly improved version of the Epic Flash, ensuring better forgiveness and swing speed. 

Which Is The More Beginner-Friendly Driver Between The Mavrik And Flash?

Beginner golfers love to have a golf driver, which is more forgiving. So, the Marik is always a better solution compared to Epic Flash when talking about beginner friendliness. 

Which Driver Is More Adjustable Between The Mavrik And Flash?

When talking about the adjustment, the Flash is one level ahead of the Mavrik. You can’t have many adjustment features with the flash compared to the Mavrik. 
For example, you can have adjustable weighting with the Flash, which you won’t get with the Mavrik. But, the Mavrik is also pretty stable as it provides an adjustable hosel.

Which One Covers More Distance Between Mavrik And Flash?

You will have a bit more distance and recovery with the Mavrik driver. The reason is pretty understandable as it comes with a thinner and stronger face flash which generates more forgiveness and ball speed.

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