Best Indoor Golf Phoenix, AZ | 6 Places To Practice & Play Golf

While thinking about the perfect golfing place, Phoenix, Arizona is automatically one of the places that come to mind. This place houses a huge number of both outdoor and indoor golf courses. 

The indoor golf courses allow golfers to play in extreme weather conditions. Even when the outdoor courses are on their day off, you can hit any indoor course to get some practice in. 

There is a collection of great indoor golf Phoenix, AZ so that anyone can play to improve their skills in any circumstances. We’ve gathered the best indoor golf places for recommendations based on the amenities and user experiences with them. 

Best Indoor Golf Phoenix, AZ

6 Best Places To Play Golf in Phoenix, AZ

Indoor golf clubs are a lifesaver for pro golfers who want to practice their swings year round. 

Even if the extreme heat of Arizona in summer makes it impossible to play outside, indoor courses become their savior. 

Some of the best places in Phoenix, AZ are highlighted below for your convenience.

1. Legacy Golf Performance Center

  • Website: Click Here
  • Address: 6808 S 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85042, United States
  • Phone: +1 602-305-5550

Legacy Golf Performance Center is extremely dedicated in their goals of improving the skills of golfers no matter what. 

They offer state of the art performance enhancing technologies in their indoor golf courses. 

There are expert golf instructors available for help at any time. The on course training techniques they offer can improve the game of golfers by a long shot.

The golf courses in this performance center are open everyday of the week. You can get in just after sunrise and are allowed to play 30 minutes until sunset. 

Their cutting edge technology also features swing training mechanisms to hone in your abilities. 

2. Fairways & Dreams Indoor Golf

If you live in the area of Avondale, you’ll find a great indoor golf place just in the Avondale Commerce Center. 

There are six trackman 4 golf simulators available in this golf place. Each simulator has two radars and one camera and delivers the most accurate data analysis. 

The integrated AI Tracy analyzes your swing and recommends tips to improve your game. 

You can play 125 courses in these golf simulators with your friends and family. A lot of fun games and yoga are available for entertainment purposes as well. 

You can take the simulators for rentals or book events with up to 200 people at this place. 

3. Hornacek’s Golf

  • Website: Click Here
  • Address: 23587 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, United States
  • Phone: +1 480-502-0555

In Hornacek’s Golf, you can play all 18 holes of the golf indoors. There are four different bays to play in which are organized with advanced golf simulators. 

Your chosen golf course will be on the big screen while you practice your swing uninterruptedly.

The entire place is decorated with enough furniture and amenities to enjoy playing golf with your friends. 

There is also a golf store inside where you can find golf clubs, merchandise  and necessary equipment for playing. 

4. GolfTEC Shea Scottsdale

  • Website: Click Here
  • Address: 7342 E Shea Blvd Suite 106, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States
  • Phone: +1 480-336-1228

GolfTEC Shea Scottsdale is a sports and fitness instruction center located near the village at Shea. 

If you live around the area, this will be the best place for indoor golf courses. 

This State of the art training center currently houses all the tools needed for an excellent indoor golf course. 

There are certified personal coaches to help you out with your swing techniques. 

With the help of the latest golf technologies, GolfTEC has always been a user favorite among the regular golfers.

5. Zion Golf Club

  • Website: Click Here
  • Address: 15090 N Northsight Blvd #108, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States
  • Phone: +1 480-714-6791

Zion Golf Club promises the best indoor golfing experience and they have owned up to their word. Zion has 2 indoor golfing bays equipped with trackman 4 golf simulators. 

The luxurious facility also provides a temperature controlled environment where you can submerge yourself comfortably away from the world.

They have incorporated Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking that can track all shots more accurately. 

There is also a kids club for children that are interested to learn more about golfing. 

The bistro and lounge they offer is decked with all the necessities you might need.

6. TopGolf

  • Website: Click Here
  • Address: 9500 Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85256, United States
  • Phone: +1 480-240-2402

Topgolf- the famous entertainment venue, has a branch in Phoenix, Arizona as well. 

They have a dozen hitting bays with advanced golf simulators for playing golf indoors. 

Even though this is originally an entertainment sector largely, you can play golf here as long as you want in a relaxed atmosphere. 

The sports bar and restaurant serves their food and drinks directly in the bays. 

You won’t even need to leave the place for food in the middle of the game. Several HDTVs make the golfing experience accurate and realistic.

What Makes Phoenix, AZ An Ideal Golfing Location?

Phoenix, Arizona currently houses more than a 100 golf courses in total. All of them attract a large number of golfers every year. 

Approximately, 12 million rounds of golf is played just in Phoenix, Az. What makes this place such a great place for golfing? Let’s look at some of the reasons.

Perfect Climate

Phoenix has low humidity and dry season most of the year. From January to April, the climate is ideal for golfing. 

Even in the summers, the golfers can hit the many indoor clubs for golfing. 

The weather at this place is never brutal enough to stop anyone from golfing at any time.

Golf Tournaments & Events

Phoenix, Arizona is home to a lot of events throughout the year for the ideal weather there. 

The pro golfers are attracted here with the hopes of attending these events. Some of the most anticipated tournaments held here are- 

  • Champions Tour
  • PGA OHL Classic
  • The President’s Cup
  • LPGA Tour
  • PGA McGladrey Classic
  • PGA Open
  • European Tour

Attractive Golf Resorts 

During golfing at Phoenix, many people want a place to get away and relax all the time. The many available golf resorts in this area makes that dream come true. 

Every golf resort here possesses extremely amazing golf courses and luxurious restaurants with great living space.

High Quality Golf Courses 

Due to being located in Southwest, Phoenix has a tendency to grow greens throughout the year. 

As a result, the golf courses here are always green and lush with the right amount of grass. 

The weather is pretty dry all the time and there is very little rainfall. So, there is little to no damage to the golf courses here at all.

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There is still a lot to know before going to Phoenix to play golf. So, we’ve tried to answer a few of your questions here.

How many people play golf in Arizona?

About 550,000 people play in Arizona every year. This number of golfers can be seen at more than 300 of the golf courses available in Arizona. Phoenix itself has more than 200 golf courses both public and private. 

What Is The Major Golf Tournament Held In Phoenix?

The major golf tournament WM Phoenix Open is the biggest one in Phoenix, AZ. It is called the Greatest Show on Grass among the golfing community. More than 700,000 people attend this tournament in Phoenix.

How Much Does It Cost To Play Indoor Golf in Phoenix, Arizona? 

Most of the indoor golf clubs have a rate of around $35-$45 per hour in Phoenix. The elite and expensive clubs have a higher rate that can go up to $85 per hour as well. You can book a group at a lower cost in some clubs. 

Final Words

Whether it is playing on a real golf course or an indoor one, Phoenix is undoubtedly one of the best places for golfing. 

With the countless opportunities surrounding this place, anyone can practice golf to their full intent.

Among the many available indoor golf clubs, go through the asking rates per hour. 

Choose a club within your budget and have fun playing the game. You’ll find all the top choices available here just for your convenience.


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