Club Car DS Battery Size | Everything You Need to Know

The unique-looking and high-quality golf carts Club Cars DS can run on gas or electricity. The electric one requires deep-cycle batteries. Because of how these batteries are designed, you can be assured that you can have a long-lasting stable, and smooth ride on your golf carts.

The Club Car DS battery size is BCI Group Size GC8. You will need the eight-volt ones. These are four-cell lead acid batteries specially made for club cars. Six batteries are wired in series to reach the necessary voltage.

We brought all the essential information you might require about Club Car Batteries to solve your confusion. Stay with us till the end for the complete guide.

Club Car DS Battery Size

What kind of Battery Does a Club Car take?

An electricity-run club car usually takes six, eight, or twelve-volt batteries connected in series wiring to provide 36 to 48 volts to operate smoothly. There are a lot of varieties when it comes to types of Club Car Batteries. Some of them are given below.

Lithium-Ion Battery

These are the best choices you can make when choosing a battery for your club cart. You can be carefree after installing the Lithium-Ion batteries to your car even while you climb up a hill. Because it can give out a high surge of power anytime you require it. 

Lit-ion batteries are small and easy to take care of, which makes them perfect for a high-end electric golf cart. Offer 100% uptime. Lithium batteries can be used between 2000 and 5000 times before they need to be replaced.

These batteries are best for your club car in every way thinkable. Lithium-Ion Batteries are recommended whether your car is built to require more energy, or charging time, or it is simply high-maintenance or is used frequently. 

Lead-Acid Battery

Lead-acid batteries are the most effective and affordable choice you can make. It is a deep-cycle battery that allows your club car to last longer hours alive with a substantial amount of charging. This is the battery that is best for the Club Car DS model.

It is also a sustainable choice as these Lead-based batteries provide a steady high voltage that can be used in electrical vehicles and other places where a high discharge rate is needed. 

It offers an easy way to store large amounts of energy, making them perfect for systems that need electricity for future use. But you will have to replace these batteries often as they have 500 to 1000 life cycles. 

Regular Car Battery

Yes, you can also connect regular car batteries to the club cars. Most of these are 12 volts, so connecting three to four in a series will produce the required 36 to 48 volts of current supply. 

However, these batteries give off a heavy stream of current that drains out the batteries quickly. So, even though you can use these batteries, it is not recommended for club cars.

AGM Battery

AGM batteries are a closed lead-acid variant. AGM batteries have lead sheets between electrolyte-soaked fiberglass matting.

AGM batteries are low-maintenance. They don’t need water like other batteries and may survive close to 10 years. AGM batteries are small but powerful. 

They can supply 2-3 times the energy of another battery of a similar size, so your club car will have a lot of force and speed even while transporting people or facing rocky hills.

What Is the Club Car DS Battery Size?

Golf Cart batteries can have a lot of size options. First, let me explain the size system and tell you the information required to understand the essential size for Club Car DS.

There are five types of BCL group sizes to be precise. These are given below in the table: 

Group GC210.375 x 7.1875 x 10.625 inches, or 264 x 183 x 270 mm
Group GC2H10.375 x 7.1875 x 11.625 inches, or 264 x 183 x 295 mm
Group GC810.375 x 7.1875 x 10.625 inches, or 264 x 183 x 277 mm
Group GC8H10.375 x 7.1875 x 11.625 inches, or 264 x 183 x 295 mm
Group GC122.875 x 7.1875 x 10.875 inches, or 327 x 183 x 277 mm. 

The 8 volt BCL size GC8 is the appropriate battery size for Club Car DS.

Some Tips To make Golf Cart Battery last long

Regular care will help your battery last longer. And in order to ensure your battery’s longevity, you can follow these basic upkeep tips:

Adding Water

Adding water to waterlogged batteries restores the chemicals. Update your club car’s fluid balance every month or week. The water depth should be 1/4 inches over the battery’s cells. AGM or lit batteries don’t need water.

Choosing a Suitable Charger

Choose a charger suitable for your batteries’ power and content. Six 8-volt batteries require a 48-volt adapter. Your charger has to be functional with your battery.

If your battery declines too low, the cells will sulfate, restricting electricity passage. Powered club cars don’t have a charging system, thus they need a separate charger. When batteries reach 50%, recharge them.

Don’t Overcharge

Overcharging your battery is harmful for its longevity. Check the process or buy a charger that shuts off when the battery is fully charged.

Wipe Rusts

If you discover rusting on the battery’s connections, wipe it using sodium bicarbonate, water, and a scrubbing brush. Use anti-corrosion spray to avoid further oxidation.


You can have many questions regarding the size and type of your Club Car DS. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Should I change the battery type of my Club Car DS?

First, verify if your club car is gas or electrical before changing the battery. Gas golf carts use a single 12-volt battery, like your car.

What effect does Epsom salt have on golf cart battery life?

Allow them to complete their cycle or recharge up over night. Epsom salts eliminate the sulfation or oxides on the battery cells that hinder the battery from receiving a full recharge. Test the battery during many hours of charging, or on the following day.

What is the size of my Club Car DS battery?

Golf Cart batteries can have a lot of size options. Check your battery group to find the size of your Club Car DS battery.


In this article, we have covered everything there is to know about the club car DS battery size. We hope you have found the answer that you were looking for. 

And as you have known about the battery’s size requirements, now you can make better choices. These better choices will increase the battery life and overall well-being of your club car. 

It is a fact that club cars aren’t that high maintenance. If you spend a little time and a little money, it will be there with you in every golf game for years!

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