Bintelli Vs Club Car: A Full Side By Side Comparison

Bintelli and Club Car, two of the biggest names in the golf cart business have been going head to head in recent years. As a result, most people are left confused regarding which one to choose. So what makes each of these brands unique?

One of the key differences between these two brands is their vehicle efficiency. Bintelli electric cars can go much longer distances with one charge compared to Club Car. Precisely, they go 20 miles more than Club Car before needing to be plugged in.

However, that is not the only factor dividing the two companies. Today we will tell you all you need to know to select one when it comes to Bintelli vs Club Car.

Bintelli Vs Club Car

Bintelli vs Club Car: Quick Comparison

Before we dive deep into the detailed comparison of the cars, let’s have a quick look side by side.

FeatureBintelliClub Car
Price $4000-$10000$6000-$12000
Top Speed Gas Powered: 30 mphElectric: 20 mphGas powered: 19 mphElectric: 20-25 mph
Horsepower 3.5 to 7 hp3.3 to 14 hp
Engine4-stroke or 2-stroke engineAdvanced fuel-injected engine

What Are The Differences Between Bintelli And Club Car?

Both these brands differ quite a lot not just in terms of their design and looks, but also how they function. From their engine to their top speed, let’s take a look at the differences between these cars.

Engine power

Bintelli Vs Club Car
Club Car

With advanced fuel-injected engines, club cars overtake Bintelli when it comes to engine power. Their range of horsepower goes from 3.3 to 14, or even more in some models. 

Bintelli on the other hand is a bit lower when it comes to horsepower ratings. They have either a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engine, and their horsepower range is usually from 3.5 to 7.


In terms of features, the club car will give you plenty more than the Bintelli with fancy digital displays, advanced suspensions, and power steering.

club car display
Digital Display

Meanwhile, the Bintelli cars will only give you basic features like horns and turn signals. So if you are more into style and finesse, club cars will win your heart over Bintelli. 



For designs and looks, Bintelli cars are more classic and old-fashioned, whereas the club cars will give you a more modern and sporty look.


Bentelli Speed

Club cars fall behind bintelli when it comes to maximum speed. Their gas models can rack up a top speed of 19 miles per hour, and their electric counterparts can go from 20 to 25 miles per hour.

Bintelli on the other hand has a top speed of 30 miles per hour for their gas-powered cars and 25 miles per hour for electric ones.


When it comes to reputation, the club car far outweighs bintelli. Their birth spans back over 60 years, whereas Bintelli has only been there since 2006.



Bintelli has a higher range between the two brands, with a maximum distance of 50 before needing a recharge. On the flip side, club cars need to be plugged in sooner with a range of 30 miles.

Bintelli And Club Car: What Are The Similarities?

Despite having plenty of differences, Bintelli and Club Car share some similarities between each other. The most notable similarities between the two brands are given below.

Electric vehicles

One thing both brands share in common is the fact that they both provide electric cars. Moreover, they have a variety of models as well as customizations to further match the needs of the buyer.


Both brands are well known for their durability when it comes to their golf cars. The quality aluminum frame provides a lightweight and robust structure that will last for a very long time.

Bintelli Or Club Car: Which Brand’s Car Should You Choose?

Which brand you choose between these two is ultimately a matter of personal choice. Both of these cars have their pros and cons.

If you are more of a modern and stylish car-loving guy, then a club car is your go-to option.

If however, you are willing to chop down on the style and look for efficiency and speed, then Bintelli would be better.

They are better known for their speed and efficiency, with their longest running distance being 20 miles more than a club car.

On the other hand, club car race forward when it comes to power and controls. So if your driving involves inclined roads and rough surfaces, then a club car will reward you better.


If you have come this far and still have a few more questions, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions, which might as well give you the answer you are looking for.

Which one requires frequent maintenance: bintelli or club car?

Which car requires more maintenance depends solely on the usage and environmental conditions. A more frequent usage will require more maintenance, and vice versa.

Generally, you should do regular tire pressure checks, lubrication, and so on. For the electric models, you need to check battery conditions quite frequently. 

Which brand is more environmentally friendly: bintelli or club car?

Both these manufacturers keep environmental sustainability as a top priority and produce electric cars. That means both Bintelli and Club Car produce very eco-friendly cars.

Which brand is more durable, Bintelli or Club Car?

Both brands are known to produce very durable cars, but club cars have a more durable engine compared to Bintelli. Also, club cars have been in the business for much longer than Bintelli, which is why some people trust them more.

Where are both these brands headquartered?

The manufacturing and headquarters of both the cars are in the United States.

Can I use these golf cars on other surfaces?

Yes, you can. You can ride them on grass, sand, road, you name it. These small vehicles are ideal for camping or fishing trips and beach rides.

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