How Much Does The Olympic Club Membership Cost? Unlocking Exclusive Access

The oldest athletic club in the US is known to be the Olympic Club. This prestigious club was established in 1860. So, if you want to get a membership, we don’t blame you. 

But, how much does the Olympic Club membership cost? There are 5 types of memberships in the club. The cost will depend on your membership type, typically the initial fee is around 4-5 figures. 

However, some of the previous members shared the annual due amount to be around $20,000. 

Let’s get more details! 

How Much Does The Olympic Club Membership Cost

Types Of Membership Olympic Club Offer 

There are five types of memberships that the Olympic Club has open for all. But your cost will vary depending on other factors that you will know upon a discussion with them. The memberships are: 

  • Resident Membership 
  • Non-Resident Membership 
  • Active Military Membership
  • Athletic Membership
  • Youth And Junior Membership

How Much Does The Olympic Club Membership Cost?  

How Much Does The Olympic Club Membership Cost

The actual cost of the Olympic Club membership can’t be accurately stated as there are several factors that they can only resolve. 

However, from previous members, it is known that the annual cost differs around $20,000 per year.

The initiation fees for prestigious members can be around  $150,000. However, it still isn’t entirely accurate as there are several things like sponsorships, waivers, and sign-up fees that you need to consider. 

The fees also depend on your activity, the sports you choose, and your age. If you are an active member and your age is over 35, the base monthly dues are about $300.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to be very rich to get the membership, there are several bonuses that they don’t disclose until you are upfront with them. 

Have a quick glimpse of the memberships and costs:

Membership Type Initiation Cost Monthly Cost
Resident Membership$20,000$415
Non-Resident Membership$10,000$255
Active Military Membership$1,000$110
Athletic Membership$10,000Around $500
Youth And Junior Membership$5,000$150

Resident Membership 

This membership is for the residents of San Francisco and surrounding areas. They get the privilege of this special membership depending on their location. 

In this membership, you have to pay $20,000 as the initiation fee and $415 as a monthly payment. 

Non-Resident Membership 

People who don’t live in San Francisco will get this membership. This membership costs $10,000 as the initial fee. Besides, you need to pay $255 every month. 

Active Military Membership 

This membership is especially for the active military individuals of San Francisco. 

The military personnel gets a special bonus whereby the initial fee is only $1,000. Their monthly fee is also discounted and set at only $110.

Athletic Membership  

The cost of athletic membership will vary depending on the type of sports you will play. However, the initial fee is $10,000, and the monthly dues can be around $500 depending on the sport you play.

Youth And Junior Membership 

This membership is for young people under 22 years. They have to pay $5,000 as the initiation fee. Also, the monthly payment for this membership is around $150.

How To Become A Member At Olympic Club? 

How To Become A Member At Olympic Club

If you want to get a membership at the Olympic Club, you need to fill out a form that they have on their website. Here are the things that you will require to do: 

  • Step-1: Determine what type of membership you want to get and the amenities. 
  • Step-2: Then, visit the official website to get the form. 
  • Step-3: Request a membership application form from the club. 
  • Step-4: Now fill out the form giving all the accurate information. 
  • Step-5: Submit the application alongside the materials they ask from you. You may be also asked to give some references, you can mention if you have any known personnel as a member of the club.
  • Step-6: Now, they will review your application. Once they have verified it, you will need to pay the fees and dues upon their requirement. 

How To Unlock The Exclusive Access? (Sources- Based On Prior Research)

Exclusive access is given upon your application. If you want exclusive access, you need to contact the officials and they will verify your application. Then if you pay the fees and dues, you will get exclusive access.

Olympic Club Membership Facilities

Olympic Club Membership Facilities

Getting membership in the Olympic Club is so hyped and there are some valid reasons. An Olympic Club member gets what s/he pays for. 

Starting from the amazing courses to play, there are several other benefits for the members. 

First, getting a membership is extremely prestigious due to the history of this club. 

They certainly choose members through a keen screening process, and you will need to provide several resources to get in. 

Once you get in, they offer multiple 18-hole courses, including the Lake Course and the Ocean Course. 

The members can play as they want and have several amazing opportunities. Moreover, there are tennis courts that are maintained amazingly. 

Not only that, but the Olympic Club also has swimming pools where you can swim and join their swimming programs. It is an awesome opportunity to enjoy swimming during your leisure time. 

On top of everything, you will get the chance to use their fitness centers for your daily exercise, they have several premium equipment for your individual workouts, even group fitness programs.

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Can anyone play golf at the Olympic Club?

No, anyone can’t play in the Olympic Club. You need to get a membership first to play there. But you can visit there without a membership if you have a reference. 

How many members are in the Olympic Club?

Although the Olympic Club started with only 23 members, now they have over 10,000 members and 1,000 junior members.

How old do you need to be to enter the Olympic Club?

You need to be at least 13 years old to join the Olympic Club. They have a junior membership option for people aged 22 and below. 

Can a 13 year old join the Olympic Club?

Yes, a 13-year-old can join the Olympic Club under parental supervision. They have to join the club in the junior membership category. 

Final Words

Knowing how much does the Olympic Club membership cost will now take you a step ahead to get into the prestigious club. 

However, before you apply, make sure to cross-check which category and amenities suit you the best.


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